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Lantern Swinger
I received a message myself. telling me that I was a "f***ing dullard". I don't know if I can screenshot it, now I've closed the window though.


And in other news, a Finks impersonator demonstrates to the young thrusters of the site that drinking too much alcohol is a really silly thing to do. Well done SockPuppet, you are a very clever man :roll:


Edited after looking at the new 'Finks' profile and realising that it is a sockpuppet (notice the upside down 'i' in the chat window) - I have an idea who it may be, watch this space

So, apologies to the real Finks for shooting from the hip originally. I will leave this post up just so that Finks can appreciate that he has an obviously avid stalker, er I mean admirer

It's not like Finknottle to roll out the shite the sockpuppeting mental old twat. Not like he's done it before.

Hope he dies soon.