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I understood it was either Borstal or Ganges at the Magistrates discretion, still everydays a school day so thanks for the gen.:-D

Barnardos were very good to me after my parents were killed in a car crash when I was five.
They made sure I was looked after properly and helped me to enter Ganges at fifteen.
Ganges sorted me out for life.

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Beer, fags, sausages, chips, icecream, that new fangled McDonalds burger thingy and lard all bad for health claims crackpot scientist!

I saw that study. I immediately unsubscribed to that journal for running articles clearly based on lies, misleading information and obviously paid for by some nanny-state group.
I was at St Vincent---------got me out of a Merchant Navy Cadet school.
Frying pan and fire comes to mind. But it was the right decision at 15 --the RN became my Guardian till I was 17 ?
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Good evening. Tonights evening news is brought to you by witsend.

Top story. Royal Marine rumbled. Slickvic the heshe has confirmed that hisher knight in green camo is a made up character. This reporter calls wankest attempt at a bite since NMC was (No pun intended) a member. How far can a crap thread roll?

Religious news and the righteous finknottle is in the pulpit preaching that the former triple X loving padre doesn't work for god. Pope John Paul the second is said to be looking down from the clouds and wondering if he could have saved those Jews. If he wins, finknottle is thinking about suing that shitehawk who shat on his bunnet and stole one of his chips. It seems the government cuts are biting hard into all areas of life.

History and Ninja stoker finally releases those explosive phots and extracts from his memoirs. The response has been postive and the question on everyones lips is, did the chief stoker cut the blue or the red wire? Sources believe his fear of Maggie Thatcher has finally wilted with the old cow about to meet the grim reaper. The homecoming vids can be found at xhamster.

Health, and it's been confirmed that the rumrat isn't very well. Get well soon messages flooded in from the members of Lil's, but alas the auld codger is refusing to speak to his fans.

Entertainment, and welshhy popped up to inform everyone that he had passed the PJFT. A rather mooted response was given, but it's safe to say that everyone on RR was thrilled at the news. Roll on the next vid and update.

Sport, and NZB says that bugger all has been happening. He would like members to please start threads in the sports section so he can use his red font more often.

Weather, cold, windy & wet. What do you expect in November.
Err.... it's redders over here mate, clear blue sky and 24 degrees, but as you say it's November. Roll on summer time, not long now.:pottytrain2::-D