Rum Ration Newbies Workshop 2009

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There will be a Rum Ration Newbies Workshop held later this year where the Old Hands will crawl out of the rum soaked oak timbers and show the Forum Nozzers how to sew, wash their kit, iron their duvet covers, buff their boots, blanco their gaiters/webbing, tell the difference between ladygirls and ladyboys, what goes where :roll: and most importantly of all, the correct way to drink beer (or anything wet for that matter).

Volunteers needed. Please state what basic skill you are willing to pass on to the up and coming generation of Noobs and soon-to-be Baby Sailors. Suggestions as to venue, suitable accomodation and local entertainment venues suitable for noobs and wizened matelots, are welcome.
Its so bloody simple. Never be first but never be last. Keep a low profile. The fewer senior rates who know your name the better. Always have a chitty to cover your arse. Never draw attention to your self. Above all do not try to be something that your not because you will be exposed faster than that. Boozing and shagging are great , some [like myself] take to them like a duck to water; others learn by trail and error via Rose Cottage. Grippo runs and Baron strangling; up homers with the rich whites will come with experience. lie low and deny everything. Stood me in good stead; but then I was bad company; but had a fckuing great time
Drinking,looking for rabbits,postcard runs,disco dancing after in strange places and with strange women and drinking.

I put drinking down twice cos I like drinking!
Right, Roddy, I'm putting you down as Nooby Instructor in Wets and Goffers, but with special emphasis on the wets.

Jesse, you can be Nooby Instructor in Basic Survival Skills. You can also take the noobs on a mini Grippo run, a Malta Dog shoot and the special skills involved in baron strangling.

Do I have someone who can teach ironing, folding shirts properly, sewing badges, tying tiddly bows and chin stay skills. Also needed a matelot who can still remember how to tie a granny knot and other ropey enterprises.

Noobs are welcome to suggest other areas of instruction they would like to see offered.

I'll be doing a lecture of Naval Walt Spotting as a former Insider Walt. :oops:
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