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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. Generally I believe that the Mods on RR do a thankless job which most perform intelligently and fairly.
    Recently we have seen a massive increase in their numbers, and to be honest the choice of these new Mods seems to have been well thought out. All have in their pre-Mod days been fairly prolific, intelligent and even helpful contributors.

    Well thats the arse kissing done with! :thumright:

    Now with such a large selection of super Mods will we be seeing a cull of some of the original Mods?
  2. How would that be carried out? Is it like seal clubbing???? :biggrin:
  3. Don't be stupid, seals are cute and furry.
  4. So are Tiger cubs then they get bigger.Grrrrrr
  5. I have a question. Why are so many people on this site obsessed with who the mods are?
  6. Nice one Twisted
    perhaps you should start a thread on the question! :thumright:

  7. Contributor Mode

    My Triumph Tiger Cub was cuddly but then it got bigger and became Triumph Trophy .Grrrrrr

  8. Why would I want to do that? :plotting:
  9. Because you can ^_^;

  10. NO YOU CAN'T!!!

  11. o_O :censored: :threaten:
  12. Cant say it bothers me who the mods are , does seem though that there are loads of them , sometimes seems as if every other poster is a MOD , still no big deal in my book , still a great site so crack on lads/lasses :thumright:
  13. Contributor Mode

    As a recently appointed Moderator, Deeps on the Submariners Forum going off on Ops asked openly for volunteers to give him cover, then selected one. Perhaps the only person to put his hand up or selected from 20 we will never know. OK we do, nobody else wanted the job. This was a first on RR to my knowledge.

    There are 24 forums with 26 Mods some forums are more active and contentious than others and need regular monitoring. Others are quiet and not contentious and happily chug along without any control at all.

    That is hardly over Policed when you think of the potential problems of Security, we are a military forum, libel, un-acceptable sexual content et.

  14. Just imagine in a year ot two with the amount of members that may sign up for Rum Ration.Well the moderator/poster ratio will massively change.I dont see what the issue is anyway. We are all posters first and moderators on our own forums second.
  15. I nominated Nutty and I think he will do a good job.Moderating is not a full time job for most people,they have other things to do with their lives. I am sure that they do not wake up and think "I must ban xyz today"
    This board has a very easy going attitude compared to a few I can think of.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    You're absolutely correct Spearfish.

    Essentially we, everyone, can say what we want (security issues excepted) as long as we post in the appropriate forum.

    The moderators, can only moderate (ie: delete, move, edit) in their designated forum, that's no secret, but seldom realised by those keen to take exception.

    But, if someone posts something inappropriate in another forum then a mod online is 'honour-bound' to at least PM the individual & request (politely) the offending post is altered. The problem is that a "new poster" may not realise they've received a PM or an experienced one bother to pay heed. The problem then is you have to post a "chastisement" for all to see- not good, most would agree & usually the result of frayed tempers will ensue..

    The Gash Barge, for those who aren't already aware, is not displayed on "Newest Posts" or "Home Page", but can be edited by all mods. The reason for this is that someone visiting the site for the first time is not greeted by a bunch of angry, expletive-laced, possibly alcohol-induced bile. Not a good advert, most would agree.

    For those that don't know moderators do not get paid, know the identities of the site proprietors, or indeed pay to achieve the esteemed position of being criticised.

    (We often don't agree with each other either!)
  17. Ninja stoker "Medal Medal"
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    Here is a classic example (above) of things being subjectively interpreted.

    Now, do I take that as a complement or a piss-take?

    Depending on how much we've had to drink we could (foolishly) take exception. However, being a mod of little brain, I've had a look at Spearfishes ' previous posts & believe that to be a complement.

    Ta, an MBE please.

  19. I agree TFS and as the title of this thread is RR Moderators this is the correct place to say why are some people so irritated by the Mods, intent of removing them (as if it has anything to do with them, me or anyone except the owners who they are) and if they dislike them or the site so much why do they keep coming on it? It just amazes me that some seem so personally attached to RR, their role in it, the rights of "him" to say that but not for "the other" to say this!! This is not real life people it's a method of wiling away some spare time (although for some there must be lots of it). That said keep it up because, you see, it's your right to have any opinion you want!

  20. I'm speechless! o_O :crazy:

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