Rum Ration - Migration of forums to "Xenforo" on Monday morning

Good CO

By the time those lurking in or around the Greenwich Meridian wake up on Monday the site should be using the same forum software as ARRSE - Xenforo, instead of VBulletin 4 that it uses currently.

A lot of the fundamental features of the software are similar - forums are laid out the same, threads and posts all work the same, the navigation will be the same, colours will remain more or less the same and so on. There are of course lots of smaller differences, although almost all positive in my own opinion and I think few people on ARRSE would want to go back to VBulletin.

These are some of the key differences:

  • Private Message are called "Conversations" and can consist of one or many participants. In effect they are a cross between the current PM system and a small private forum for the participants.
  • The site will be "responsive" which means that it will adjust to suit screensize, from desktops through tablets to phones. There is no separate mobile theme and this is in my view the biggest single improvement that the new software brings. On iPads/tablets in particular the site is far far better.
  • Wide use of 'AJAX' - lots of things that need a complete page reload in the current software, just happen after a second or so of a little twirly symbol showing, without page reload.
  • Faster, search in particular
  • Vastly improved image upload (although with a small learning curve)
  • Proper chat room
  • Vastly improved gallery
  • Improved notifications system including the ability to flag up content for attention through using @username in a post - user the gets a notification.
  • much better handling of quoted posts - they are abbreviated, then can be expanded or click-to-view the original post.
  • Extended 'likes' system to include dislike and others (configurable)

That will do for now. I'm sure there are many more differences small and large. The only significant think I miss is the Likes pull-down at the start of each thread allowing you to go to the best posts. I would really like that back, but it's a small price to pay for the other improvements.

For a preview take a browse around ARRSE.

I hope you like it.


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UMM ARRSE is blocked by work software, I will find out on Monday if this is the same? Blimey I may have to do some work?

Good CO

UMM ARRSE is blocked by work software, I will find out on Monday if this is the same? Blimey I may have to do some work?

I would think that is because of the domain rather than the software so this should be unaffected. I will put us on a different IP address just in case it's blocked by IP.


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We're doomed I tell ye, doomed!

The software did not work on arrse as the muppets can still post!

Like all change it takes a bit of getting used to but after a quick settling in period most will like it.

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