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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by stirling2, May 26, 2007.

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    Smiffy the Shipwreck came up wth this on another thread and AAC has proposed that we use it as our logo, as no one else has come up with any proposals for site logo I think this is a good idea as we could do with some T-shirts, mugs and other gear like ARRSE have......
    ..that is if Smiffy gives his approval :)
  2. As lovely as it looks, is it not just a bit too "Pirates of the Carribean"?
  3. Yes Lamri but as I said no one has come up with anything else despite numerous requests from Bad/Good CO
  4. Where were these requests?
    I haven't seen any requests, although I normally stick to the front page so maybe thats why :)
  5. Two serving cartoonists were poroposed but nothing came of it and there was a suggestion of using one of Tuggs but nothing came of that either.
  6. That is a really interesting idea with the ship's crest and some sort of logo within it. Rather than the pirate symbol though maybe we could come up with something better? How about a rum barrel?
  7. Good call....I would vote for that.
  8. I think the ships crest would dominate visually the RumRation element. Ships crests on shirts are already a blur of colour and shapes. I quite like the Jack Tar pic on the Home page: Very simple and might look good with the equally simple, RumratioNor Rum Ration written underneath. I noticed at the rugby match the ARRSE t-shirts were very easy to recognise and read. I think a ships crest is too much like an actual RN logo.

    BZ to Smiffy and Stirling for generating interest about this.
  9. How about the Jack Tar next to a rum barrel holding a mug, with Rum on one side of him and Ration on the other??

    Sorry I'm not particularly creative :-(

  10. I didn't go to the Army Navy this year due to an inconsiderate friend having a poorly scheduled wedding ...... nice to know that ARRSE t-shirts were in evidence though! Next year maybe we should get an ARRSE/RumRation/RP bar ........

    Jack Tar has taken a bit of flak on the previous discussion so I'm not sure he is the solution but we look forward to what you all say ....
  11. But it's nice and simple, stab. I like it. :)

  13. I love the Idea of the Ships Crest but it does look a bit like Pirates of the Caribbean , It's just getting the motif in the middle right , I would certainly bye the T Shirts etc , looking forward to the Guzz meet tomorrow , [align=left][/align]

    :roll: :lol: 8) will text you when I finish work "josie"
  14. How about the Crest with the White Ensign in the centre , trouble is it has got to apease to all generations . I cant't think of any situation where it wouldn't do this , join the Royal Navy , join the World , Sorry Pissed
  15. Do you not think ships crests and white ensigns are all a touch formal and too pusser? We'll just end up looking like we belong to an actual RN ship or shore base. Where's the humour and the indication that RR is not just for serving RN/RM but for ex- service, families, merch and the plain interested?

    Dondon, I might see you in Guz tomorrow :)
  16. Twas just a bit of fun for the Rum Ration pirate ship, I am in no way a pro when it comes to this, just nicked a crest of the navy website, painted out the middle and superimposed the first pirate symbol I found on Google image search :?

    Glad people like it though, but as has been said I think a more humorous/piss take style logo could be used. This was just a bit of fun to pass away a boring nightshift!!
  17. Smiffy,

    Get working on the MK II for us! :lol:

    I would have a go myself but my flash PC had to go back to Dell :(

  18. Ok Mate , look forward to it .
  19. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

  20. Just another variation on a theme, sorry guys can't do cartoons, I am not very artistic :cry: Photoshop cut and paste I am afraid!!


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