Rum Ration is having a strange effect on me!

:? I know that I,ve said all this before; that I found R.R. by accident and had not given any thought to the mob for years. :( But now I have regressed to the big screaming O.D. I once was. For instance we used to sing on the last bus from Weymouth to Portland this ditty to the tune of Old Angsine [However it's spelt.] "Your arse ya cnut, your arse ya cnut yur arse" repeted for 50 verses. :roll: The thing is I caught myself singing it at full throttle yesterday while shopping in Sainsbury's :oops: I've called show biz persons beef and started saying things like fcuking arseoles and seen of to fcuk :oops: New posters beware :!: : Oh in closing found a cracking Youtube series called "Chavs being beaten up" It,s fcuking essence some of the twats getting banjoed are GINGER :!: :!:
If you come up to York with Rum Rat in the new year Jesse you may have to tone your Jackspeak down a tad as some of the locals think they are poesh living in what they call 'Yorkshire's Capital', they live within the city walls and never venture outside those confines.

As far as they are concerned, Chav Central where I live does not exist.

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