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Discussion in 'History' started by Merlin28, Sep 9, 2010.

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  1. A good read mate.

    I watched a documentary the other day that suggested that a Royal Navy ship in port would triple it's population due to the number of hookers and mistresses aboard.

    Rock on Andrew!
  2. I must have had near the last tot looking at that date onboard the old Albion. All I wanted to do later was sleep boy was I pished.
  3. I heard that's where "shake a leg" came from originally "show a leg". Apparently sailers would try to stowaway girls in their bunks, so whoever was waking everyone up would ask the person to stick their leg out to make sure it was a bloke in the bunk.
  4. Close, but not close enough. Alongside, the women were allowed to lie-in whereas the matelots had to get up to turn to.
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    So thats why you shave your legs Joe. :cry:
  6. No I don't!
  7. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Yes you do! :wink:

  8. It seems to have passed us by quietly this year but 'tiz 41 years ago today, sigh, Sooo:

    :eek:ccasion5: "The Queen - God bless her cotton socks".:salut:

  9. Ah! But their Lords of the Admiralty did provide us with a whole can of beer (of whatever vintage the Canman stocked) to make up for the loss !!

    I had to smile at the comment about modern technology etc etc ..... if I recall correctly, the SRs received an extra measure of whatever (usually bottled for C&A parties).:censored:

    I was in Cherry B on that day, and the Stokers returned their fanny with the bottom neatly carved out, allegedly to make medallions for keepsakes.
    Any old salt still have the Death of the Tot shield ?

    I also recall that their Lordships, in their wisdom, wouldn't allow Jack to purchase said Rum for themselves, but kindly allowed bids on the measures.
    When I was on a promotion course in RCY Gosport, there was a whole storeroom full of jars of bubbly .... for providion to the Army in NI at the time.

    I think I can remember a certain Bar(s) owner in Gib who was supposed to have bought the whole stock for his bars.

    Somehow Woods never seemed to be the same taste to me ...... as the saying goes:

    In the Navy of the 70s,
    the beginning of the rot,
    the day they killed the Andrew,
    was the day they stopped the Tot ..... etc

  10. That was the Captain's Cabin next to the piazza. Big stone jugs in a wicker basket IIRC. Caused me complete memory loss after a group of us all went bronzying at Europa Point with a couple of flagons. I remember going there and lying in the sun and woke up back on the boat, didn't even make it back the hotel. My homing pigeon instincts must have cut in (and no, I didn't have a sore arse or a business card from The Hole in the Wall)
  11. Now if you'd said Sugar's Bar .... might have been a whole different story ....... ;)

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