Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Deeps, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. Ok I have been tasked to set this up by some of the girls in chat .
    All you need to do is leave a ''description'' of yourself and your requirments in the opposite sex (or same sex , you know who you are :wink:). If you are on the pull just scroll down the thread until you see somebody that takes your eye. Pm them with a nice cheesy introduction.Bobs your uncle Fannies your aunt we have the Rum Ration
    dating service.

    Dating service rules are as follows-
    a) Do not enter if you dont have a sense of humour.
    b)This site is not to be used in a court of law(Divorce)
    c)Do not enter if you dont have a sense of humour.
    d)No underage illicit affairs
    e)All females that are ''cat people'' must state this fact
    so to avoid males wasting their time crooning a woman that
    wears woolly hats and have facial hair.
    f) Oh and do not enter if you dont have a sense of humour.


    Deeps (Rugby playing Brad Pitts stunt double but with bigger shoulders, whiter teeth, and a bigger willy)
  2. Matelot, bisexual, into bestiality and necrophilia.

    Looking for basically anything to shag.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. Civvy, gay, into beards, looking for hairy stoker for cuddles and maybe more...
  4. At least my posting was tongue in cheek! :D
  5. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Matelot seeks female.

    Must have pulse and shadow. Same species would be a bonus.

    Err, that's it....
  6. Ok ok lets try to keep this slightly serious(at least until we get a few more on the thread) .
  7. Really!!?!! And I was about to pass your details to a long dead friend... 8O
  8. Blonde ! erm being blonde can't think of anything else, forgot what I should be writing ! :?
  9. What about shagging road kill ? :D
  10. Blonde........... Blesss well you can always dye it lovie
    but then you'd be a malteaser....blonde on the inside :twisted: :twisted:

  11. To Ginger ?, :eek: Sorry all ginger haired members !
  12. Hey I like ginger............
  13. So does Steve, especially if the ginger in question happens to be a hairy sailor :)
  14. Just PM you Josie
  15. Just responeded............... :lol:
  16. Blonde hunky male, owns a Ferrari, a 58ft yacht, multi millionaire, secluded estate, seeks female with a bonk in mind. Non of the above is true apart from what I`ve written.
  17. may I strongly suggest that mods delete all posts that are not a direct answer to the original posting - including this one!!!!!!!!

  18. Funny, charming and loyal but unfortunately resembling my avatar a tad too much.

    Looking for 'uncomplicated' lady love........!
  19. You mean you're a child? Erm.. we haven't come across any lasses into drawfsex yet! :lol:
  20. Yo civvy, what's a drawf?!!! :D

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