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Should we set up our own Rum Ration Procurement Consultancy?

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So the Government are paying billions on consultants. I suggest Rum Ration gets in on the act before it's too late. We can offer our advice on anything from MoD paperclip procurement or selling off those £100K plus Pugin desks in Parliament (yes, they were valued several years ago at £100,000 each) ,selling off the various Government Grace and Favour Homes or substantial art, silver or antique furniture collections, or selling off the FCO as a luxury hotel to the French or a US hotel chain... and reinvesting the money into the RN!

Other suggestions/comments welcome: open to all ranks, the Old and Bold, Juniors, New Entries, the PO Stoker and even.. perhaps... lawyers... but then again... :wink:


Lantern Swinger
Buy fully comp insurance not the shit 3rd party cover we're getting at the moment!

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