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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by tester, Apr 15, 2006.

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  1. (from Good CO - logged in as test ID)

    I've just installed the chat module which is now live with a link on the right hand side of the front page and in the front page menu.

    This is very popular on ARRSE and well used on Rear Party, so I hope it has the same success here. Enjoy!
  2. How does it work?click on it get a white sheet,is it me ?help.
  3. Taint working
  4. 'tis, I went in earlier but there was no one there to listen to my dits!
  5. You're right, using the link on top right of Home page. Link on Menu (left) doesn't work.
  6. Sorted. Sorry about that.
  7. still wont work for me ,all i get is a white page with a small red cross top left.
  8. Works for me, maybe you guys have a firewall up or something.
  9. been into firewall unblocked whats there no different,any other advice?still white screen with red cross top left
  10. Have you got the latest Flash plugins???
  11. what are they?
  12. thanks vesper but it wont download ive got no gold bar at the top of browser page,im on aol is that different?
  13. AOL is a bit different --heheh! Good server but shite home page etc.

    Go to Internet Explorer and use the tool bar on it . I use it all the time other than AOL .

    Try as your Explorer home page . Its really easy surfing /browsing and you can get messenger and Hotmail if you want for nowt.

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