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Lamri said:
Andym, couldn't you get that linky thing to work in your sig mate?

Its just a sig block lamri, just like mine, but the web address link next to mine should work, if you want to have another looksee.

NZ, I accept that you do not intend to enter into debate over the matter, but could i just point ut a couple of things

1. I entered into the controversy surrounding Idoitdeeper just prior to finding out that Idoitdeeper was SMK from ROMFT.
2. As many regular posters on RR and ROMFT are member of both sites it was inevitable that they would become involved, and they came in on both sides of the dispute not only in defence.

One thing you have to admit, his threads are some of the most active, and in general very entertaining
I personally think that Deeps is Ok

yes he winds people up and a lot of sheep all follow with posts that allow
his imagination to run riot . However as in all ''forums'' let discussion/debate happen.

Welcome back Deeps ----- you have now come out
let the dialogue commence --------spelling mistakes omissions
slang and insults allowed.

OD's that can't handle it I suggest you sit back and enjoy!! :bball: :bball:

:nemo: :nemo:


Thanks to some very good advice from lamri, my sig block is now a ling, yipee.

Lamri, your a star.


War Hero


War Hero
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PINCH said:
Lamri said:
PINCH said:
Lamri said:
Still don't understand what you are saying there Pinch.
In what way have I hidden either myself or the poster (whoever that may be)?

And what does "OD see couldn't take it" mean when its at home?

Sorry missed out the coma therefore would make it difficult for a half wit to understand therefore I re write as follows:

"OD, See you can't take it"

If you had spent any time in the REAL Navy you would be under NO illusion about what that meant.

You could always buy a copy of Jack speak and then you could pretend to be a REAL sea goer.

You just don't get it do you?

Don't get what explain

well I suppose itwould be hard for you ........
Good idea, although they are visible. I was fed up with the cries of 'martyr'. I know, I responded to a troll.
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