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Rum Ration Awards 2008


...and the award goes to,

Gaffer......Bad/Good CO

Best boy.....Aron Peed


Key Grip....Thingy

Dolly Grip....T42 Stoker

Stunt co-ordinater....Lukep

Booker Prize.....Billy No Mates

Razor sharp lines / always right / funny as fook....Seadog

Far flung holiday lucky b'sard.....Nutty

Best double act.....The Kiwi connection

Bit of skin award.....Rod Gearing

Best phot uploader.....Scouse

Best Avatar......Lamri ( again )

Funniest Avatar......Rosinas cat

Best signiture photo....Me of course

Best Crabman.....Crabman

Beat Perc'.....B2B


Always a good read......Levers, Magic mushroom, Not a boffin

Glamourpuss.....Jenny Dabs, Rosina

Wokingham award.....Slim

Annoying fcukwit.....Whatever he is calling himself this week

Annoying fcukwit 2.....Nails

Excemental earplug award.....Victorwalt

Good for a laff.....Hig

Tour de Fleet..... Grim Reaper

Chico, Chico

....any I have missed ?


Lantern Swinger
When is the presentation, i'm sure chico wouldn't want to miss it (due to a parachute jump).


mattbea said:
I thought Ide be on there

You were in the Chico category. (At least you were in a category)
When I saw there were awards being dished out, I must admit it whipped me into a frenzy of mild interest, but alas, it wasn't to be.

Anyway, what does "Ide" mean?
Streaky said:
Anyway, what does "Ide" mean?

Its an older type of hard drive connection onto a motherboard.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Streaky said:
Anyway, what does "Ide" mean?

Isn't it when Julius Caesar was killed? (Beware the Ides of March).

I'd give Ninja the "all round good egg and snappy dresser award" for eternal patience of a saint with the noobs. However, I'd also give him the condescending git award for talking to us old b'stards like we're noobs! :thumright:
Lamri said:
Streaky said:
Anyway, what does "Ide" mean?

Its an older type of hard drive connection onto a motherboard.
Isn't there an "E" in front of "Ide"?

(There you go, Mattbea, an example of how to use an apostrophe. You'll notice that there are none that are aberrant.)
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