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Rum Ration 10th Birthday.


War Hero
Give or take a few hours , thanks to all contributors over the years , some cracking debates in CA but above all else making me laugh on a daily basis , forget the like , have a pint.


War Hero
Doesn't time fly?

Like many, I held RR in healthy suspicion for about a year before taking the plunge.

There are those who still view social media with disdain, failing to recognise the good outweighs the bad. I still hear people, who clearly rely on anecdotal data, describing outrage over things they imagine were said nearly a decade ago. They probably weren't, but those with their minds made-up, don't let facts get in the way. Trouble is, the ignorant write the rules.

There have been many peaks and troughs together with many laughs along the way on RR but unlike Arrse, there are times when it barely maintains critical mass of late, which is a great pity.


War Hero
Come come Chief you must be aware where the problem lies so far as Critical Mass is concerned.
The Royal Navy was once respected as a World Renowned Fighting Force--It's how I remember it.
Anyone looking at Rum Ration today with its Infantile, Peurile and Anodyne offerings would assume that the RN today's highlight is HMS Raleigh. You are guilty (if guilty is the right word) of pandering to the shortcomings of today's lower Deck New Entrants.
That all submissions should be tendentious would be absurd- but germane and adult they should be----
Or RumRation, as a misnomer, will fail.

And yet ironically, the RN did barely any fighting when you were in, and now that its supposedly more infantile, its done more fighting than it has for years...


War Hero
And yet ironically, the RN did barely any fighting when you were in, and now that its supposedly more infantile, its done more fighting than it has for years...
Grown ups don't fight, what we have today is the little boys (politicians) getting their big brothers (the armed forces) to fight over their arguments with other little boys.


War Hero
Good effort, nearly bit, but turns out - couldn't be arsed.

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