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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Rn(X)1, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. I am a YO (x) getting to grips with the rule of the road exams....
    Was wondering if anyone can recommend any iphone apps?

    Have been looking for a while and recently seen 'Rule of the road made easy' apparently made specifically for RN exams, also looking at IMRAY Rules as well.

    Just wondering if anyone has used either programmes?

  2. Green to green,
    Red to red,
    The way is clear so go ahead.

    If on your starboard red appears,
    Port your helm and have no fears.

    There's a poem very corny that covers all you need to know.
    Have you not heard it?

    Here you are
    When all three lights I see ahead,
    I turn to Starboard and show my Red:
    Green to Green, Red to Red,
    Perfect Safety -- Go Ahead.
    But if to Starboard Red appear,
    It is my duty to keep clear --
    To act as judgment says is proper:
    To Port or Starboard, Back or Stop her.

    And if upon my Port is seen
    A Steamer's Starboard light of Green,
    I hold my course and watch to see
    That Green to Port keeps Clear of me.

    Both in safety and in doubt
    Always keep a good look out.
    In Danger, with no room to turn,
    Ease her, Stop her, Go Astern
  3. Sorry - Not me, but surely any (X) must know, understand and apply the IRPCS (as the Mullah & his Koran.) so any method of helping to learn them will have some merits:

    Rumrat's poem ( covers the night time basics & is well worth committing to memory, whilst this site is one of many around which cover the Coll. Regs. in their entirety:

    Sailtrain: IRPCS, Colregs, Rules of the Road, International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea for sail and motor yachts.

    NB An RYA Yachmaster candidate is only seeking 80% for a pass, IMHO 100% knowledge should always be your target.

    Should you discover any such iphone apps please return and share them.


    PS My own favourite was the 'let-out' clause at Rule 2:

    << (b) In construing and complying with these rules due regard shall be had to all dangers of navigation and collision and to any special circumstances, including the limitations of the vessels involved, which may make a departure from these rules necessary to avoid immediate danger....>>

    CDF dictates that a similar phrase should be added to every other set of rules, regulations and laws :wink:
  4. Learning the COLREGS verbatim is one thing but understanding them enough to be able to apply them in any given situation is quite another. This is what you will be tested on, even if it only involves filling in the blanks. If possible, buddy up with someone who can quiz you orally (don't even think about it!) for practice.

    Incidentally, my wife ended up knowing the Rules better than me when she tested me before my oral Command Exam for which the pass mark was 100%.
  5. Thanks for the feedback :)

    spent a bit of time on the app now + think its pretty good.

    Although understanding of the rules is key, the fleet board exam also has its place, and this app is specifically designed for the exam which helps.

    As stated by BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, "any method of helping to learn them will have some merits"
    at the end of the day I have to pass these exams.... this helps.

    Wish I had it before I went to dartmouth! ;P
  6. I'll probably off to BRNC in September. I thought I'd trying and make my life easier by learning the rules before I go down there. Can anyone tell me which of the rules a Warfare YO needs to know parrot fashion?

  7. They are not things you can cherry-pick. Your knowledge (and understanding) should be as comprehensive as possible.
  8. Buy the app, carry the rules with you, read them on the go, read them on the throne.... basically do whatever you can to learn rules 1-20 verbatim before you arrive at BRNC and have one less thing to worry about .... work done now will go a long way to an easy life when your on IWO(F) and SFT.

    Oh, and standby for naval_gazer to flash (about understanding)..... :p
  9. I NEVER FLASH!!!!!

  10. Except we formally test understanding on only 2 occasions in the RN: CQ 1 & 2 orals. Every other RoR test you will ever take is verbatim, and the marker couldn't care less if you have zero practical understanding of what the rule actually means.
  11. Pretty much sums up the unprofessionlism of the modern Royal Navy officer corp...can explain the square root of a banana, but would starve to death in a supermarket.

    I celebrate everyday that you fukcwit officers no longer have any bearing on my career.
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  12. I too will be celebrating the fact too Spider once I finally sever my ties with these clowns that "lead" us!
  13. You're a Senior Rate, you "lead" too.

  14. Yes and very well too.
  15. Plus I have a modicum of common sense, I am not a sycophant around senior officers, and generally won't shit on people to get a drive of a ship, like some overgrown brat.
  16. Plus I was backing up Spidivers comment about officers not Senor Rates.
  17. My Powerpoint Flash Cards

    As I have almost certainly just finished my last sea job, I am giving away my powerpoint ROR revision flash cards. They took ages to make copying and pasting questions from a variety of Fleet and other ROR exams. There is some repetition, I think all rules are covered, and there may be a couple of errors too; use them if you like but I am not going to be responsible for any errors - I am usually a 100% man though. The mobile phone version is sized for a small screen and I think there is something else I did to make it compatible with smartphone generic 'office viewers' but I can't remember what. If you run it on a PC, you can google a powerpoint random slide show add in so that you can get a random test rather than starting at the same slide every time - afraid you'll have to find it for yourself though as I don't have time to search.

    Is there a file hosting area on RR? I know there is on ARSE, but can't find one here??

  18. Cheers! V helpful.
  19. Great way of learning rule of the road is to copy and paste the rules from here:Rule 1

    and randomly blank them out here: Cloze test creator

    The first link has a test option on the website, but the second link will let you hide different words.
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