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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 4to8, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. The International Crisis Group,Linkie had this to say
    .They advocate that Afwanisatan needs a stronger state and the rule of law. Does this apply to the UK too? Obamy is preparing to do some sort of deal with the Taliban and brooon is sure to follow. Are they giving in?
  2. For example ,there are laws on the books which are not being enforced,such as ways of dealing with this piece of shit Anjem Choudary He is the cnut behind the protests and insults to the troops during the week.
  3. I read that report as a hybrid of how Paddy was put in his box in Ulster and how Malaysia was made into a free (ish), pretty conflictless and reasonably contented State. Neither of those cases were "giving in". If those "emergencies" had been fought they way the Stan has been generally handled, the regions involved would still probably be in s**t order.

    I think you might be arguing 2 different points here, though.
  4. I'm not arguing,just exploring.
    The events in Ulster this week have shown serious flaws in the "Agreement ".The rule of law does not quite exist in Ulster yet.
    On the mainland there are known shitbags such as Anjem Choudary for example that need to be faced up to.
    There are well known links between all of the various terrorist groups,direct or indirect, and they all draw comfort from signs of weakness on the part of governments.
  5. Ah! I see your angle now.

    Your point about Choudary is interesting in that he and his like are now using our traditions of free thought and speech against us. I heard him say on the wireless yesterday that if "we" (the indiginous British) don't like his freedom of speech, we should get out and go somewhere else.

    I see that as a significant statement and a very thin end of a bloody big wedge. I suspect they have recognised that as, to them, a weakness to be exploited and we'll probably see more of it. If it kicks off civil unrest, they will score: if the laws have to be changed, they will score.

    As you mentioned the recent unpleasantness in the Province; it's clear that the Continuation boys have deeply p**sed off the Former PIRA nasty buggers. I think the peace process will now work on a whole new plane. The PIRA/Sinn Fein converts have a lot at stake in the peace, not least their "honour". They are not going to let a bunch of nutters sod up their new peaceful means of extracting concessions. My view, for what it's worth.
  6. Freedom of speech doesn't exist in this country - its not the USA. And a bloody good thing too.
  7. Thanks for that .The whole terrorist "business " has to be faced up to and all its cross links looked at. Terror groups feed off each other and the numpties don't help by using the racist card to block spades being called spades.
  8. Unfortunately (may seem on odd choice of word), the likes of Chaudary may be clever enough to distance themselves from terrorism. If they keep digging at our sore bits through the use of free speach, they will probably push the "home team" to violence against them. That would polarise the ordinary Muslims who probably just want to get on with their lives. That would be the likely key for democracy to be used against us. I haven't noticed many "community leaders" or "clerics" denouncing the demonstration against the Poachers.

    It could be difficult to prove incitement to violence or racial hatred. If it was easy, the fluffies would likely push for the laws to be changed. As you say, the "racist card" is unlikely to work in our favour.
  9. As we saw in the NI situation,far too many of the clerics sat on the fence . But we have come 40 years from the height of that and lessons should have been learned, well they have been, but by the wrong 'uns. Personally I am pissed off being called a racist for pointing out the obvious,it is as if there is a fifth column planted in western society programmed to strangle exposure of what is going on.
  10. I assume you're on about the report titled Pakistan: The Militant Jihadi Challenge?
  11. I'm not on about anything,but try this link another linkie theres lots more to read on that site,more comprehensive than The Wail. :wink:
  12. Tbh I've subscribed to the ICG for about three years now, their analysis is usually pretty good.

    I'd question your interpretation of what they say, but then I also recognise the filter it's viewed through.

    In the case of this thread, as ever you're non-specific, but the report I asked about is the one most likely as it's the current headline. It's a pretty good analysis of the issues that the current government in Pakistan have, and the impact that has on the Afghanistan AOR. Given that neither have anything like a robust judicial system they're starting from a completely different position from the UK.

    I'd agree that our liberal democracy is, in terms of communicating and countering the extremist message, a significant weakness. But we are a liberal democracy and have to live with the weaknesses as well as the strengths; including the rule of law as advocated on that policy paper you now link to.

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