Rugby World Cup starts today, have your say

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Sumo, Sep 18, 2015.

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  1. Sumo

    Sumo War Hero

    It all kicks of tonight, who has the best chance of winning?
  2. dapperdunn

    dapperdunn War Hero

    England, of course :)
  3. Dredd

    Dredd War Hero

    Scotland, of course ;)
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  4. Ballistic

    Ballistic War Hero

    Insomniacs, of course :p
  5. Wales, or whoever is playing England....just saying :)
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  6. Wightsparker

    Wightsparker War Hero

    The British Army, of course. Oh bugger, got it wrong, association of ideas. I meant Fiji...........
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  7. BusterQuin

    BusterQuin War Hero

    You wouldn't want to be the commentator for the Georgia v Tonga match:
    Georgia: Merab Kvirikashvili, Tamaz Mchedlidze, Davit Kacharava, Merab Sharikadze, Giorgi Aptsiauri, Lasha Malaguradze, Vasil Lobzhanidze, Mamuka Gorgodze (captain), Viktor Kolelishvili, Giorgi Tkhilaishvili, Konstantine Mikautadze, Giorgi Nemsadze, Davit Zirakashvili, Jaba Bregvadze, Mikheil Nariashvili.

    Replacements: Shalva Mamukashvili, Karlen Asieshvili, Levan Chilachava, Levan Datunashvili, Shalva Sutiashvili, Giorgi Begadze, Giorgi Pruidze, Murazi Giorgadze

    Tonga: Vungakoto Lilo, Telusa Veainu, Will Helu, Siale Piutau11, Fetu'u Vainikolo, Kurt Morath, Sonatane Takulua; Viliami Ma'afu, Nili Latu (captain), Sione Kalamafoni, Sitiveni Mafi, Tukulua Lokotui, Halani Aulika, Elvis Taione, Tevita Mailau

    Replacements: Paula Ngauamo, Sona Taumalolo, Sila Puafisi, Hale T Pole, Jack Ram, Samisoni Fisilau, Latiume Fosita, Sione Piukala
  8. dapperdunn

    dapperdunn War Hero

    Er, Japan! :D:D
  9. BillyNoMates

    BillyNoMates War Hero

    Best game I've seen in yonks.

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  10. BillyNoMates

    BillyNoMates War Hero

    Next match.

    Japan vs The University of Liverpool Womens Rugby League Team.

    Should be interesting.


    (Click the pic to big it up)
  11. WreckerL

    WreckerL War Hero

    I think the Scots may have a game on their hands when they meet Japan :)
  12. dapperdunn

    dapperdunn War Hero

    Jolly good! Go Japan
  13. Sumo

    Sumo War Hero

    Billy you trying to sneak your thread in the back door.

    Japan fantastic finish
  14. dapperdunn

    dapperdunn War Hero

    Japan could've settled for a draw, but went for the win and got it. Epic.
  15. dapperdunn

    dapperdunn War Hero

    Just can't bring myself to say "Go Argentina"! :)
  16. Sumo

    Sumo War Hero

    The Scots have said they will take no chances against Japan, they will put out a full strength team. Is that anther way of saying Ho shit where did they come from?
  17. Dredd

    Dredd War Hero

    Nae borra an' that, by the way, but.

    23 SEP 2015 WORLD CUP

    FT Scooooaaaatland 45 - Japan 10

    (HT 12-7)


  18. dapperdunn

    dapperdunn War Hero

    Think Japan were feeling the effects of the SA game. Not surprising really.
  19. Sumo

    Sumo War Hero

    You were lucky, Japan were knackard:D Nice to see England have a good rest between games, who organised this?
  20. dapperdunn

    dapperdunn War Hero

    Er, not England :(

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