Rugby World Cup 2011

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by soleil, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. The Rugby World Cup kicks off tomorrow. Scotland and England start their campaigns on Saturday, Ireland and Wales on Sunday:

    Matches - Rugby World Cup - ITV

    Official RWC 2011 Site - Home

    Should I put a few quid on Scotland, England, Ireland or Wales to win the RWC or is the smart money going on a different team?
  2. New Zealand in New Zealand....My moneys on..erm...New Zealand..But never right us big boys out !!!

    Cumon England!!!
  3. England might just cut it and get to the semi's - oh errr Vicar!

    as for Scotland.............................who cares...... (cos they never seem to care about us)

    HF seems to have it right - NZ va OZ/SA in the final

    editted due to hgeneral pissedness!
  4. Looking at the route through to the final we can't meet the All blacks but i might of read it wrong, what a final that would be, England against the home nations...Remind us of anything????

  5. Reminds me of a lions tour to NZ (a decade or 2 ago) when after a delay due to someone getting casevac'd the Lions scrum half asked the referee who's 'put in' it is at the scrum and the ref said 'it's ours'.

    still, nothing better than watching the OZ PM 'throwing' the winners medals at our boys - last time
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  6. Only chance, is to win the group so not to play NZ in the next round and meet them in the final. come 2nd and we are DOOOMED!

    Got 2 mates going, both unaccompanied. Bastards.
  7. Yeah im with you there, and i have 3 mates going, one who is living in Oz....And im sat here with my feet up in Howfen....Wan*kers..
  8. Fat public school boys jumping on each other.

    Can't wait.
  9. NZ All Blacks will win! Would like England to win but I can't deny that Richie McCaw and Dan Carter are excellent players!
  10. Blobbs and I will be attending the England V Argentina game on the 10th. I've got my wish for a new England rugby shirt, NZ Fathers Day gift.
    We shall of course represent our Nation and RumRation with all due ceremony and respect.
    Aye Carumba!
  11. How much are the tickets to buy over there NZB? I hear they a a fortune...

    I watch it to see those posh twunts try and rip each others head off...Would be illegal do it in the street...
  12. About 70 quid.
    Saved bigtime on airfares and accomodation though!:slow:
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2011
  13. Yeah yeah well im over here in the cool breeze and the rain so nah nah nah nah nahhhhh


  14. For all the lovers of the Haka, nearly as good as the one at the Winning Post a few years back.
  15. "Having a friendly conversation about twitter addresses"
  16. Hope the numbers etc stay on longer than the real thing, shoddy.
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  17. It's all looking a bit ropey..!
  18. Laws a one man killing machine, hope Argies got a lot of subs.
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  19. England have another gear, or 2, ten minutes into second half and i am expecting some gaps to open and some running game.
  20. 15 in and? glooom!

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