Rugby League World Cup

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by The_Jimmy, Nov 3, 2008.

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  1. Rugby League World Cup

    Australia 52 England 4

    Oh Dear :bball:

    I am NO fan of RL
  2. Yep, Oz were relentless and showed how the game should be played, too many missed tackles on Englands part and no attacking ideas.
    The World Cup is Oz's to lose.
  3. I see the Scots won the Fight as well as the match :rambo:
  4. Having been known to show my face at the odd Rugby Union (sorry not League) match for a team that shall remain nameless - we'd consider that a reasonable defeat, could be worse and all that. :thumright:
  5. .....and the Kiwis have got in on the act

    England 24 Kiwis 36 :(
  6. England were the best team against the Kiwi's for the 1st half. After taking off Micky Higham and JP at the same time they lost a bit of direction.

    A significant improvement on last week and some more points to take into next weeks game. Dont be surprised if they turn over New Zealand in the semi and give Australia a run for there money in the final.

    Smith and JP have said all along they aim to get better towards the end of the tournament.

    Come on England!

    Also for all you interested, GB Armed forces turned New Zealand CS over 36-26, still waiting for news on the GB CS V PNG CS score that was a curtain raiser to todays game.
  7. Rose tinted specs Tiff ?
    IF we get to the final, Oz will give us another lesson in how to play the game.
  8. Maybe they will but we can only hope that as the tournament goes on they get better and better.

    The England side is not far off the GB side that has proven it can go head to head with the Aussies, they just lack a bit of direction and a good kicking game at the moment. The other factor I believe is Australia have such strength in depth, we loose a Prop we get Ben Westwood in???? They have quality players fighting for shirts and could put 3 or 4 quality world cup contender teams out, we just manage one!

    Lets hope they prove us all wrong! It is about time we were good at something other than cycling!
  9. If these were truly national teams I may get excited over the results but for years, at least in the case of Australia and New Zealand, the teams have been comprised largely of Pacific Islander ring ins and are not truly representative of the country they are playing for. The use of PI players at the expense of locals has just about destroyed the game at club level and is now doing the same at national level. The RL World Cup is a farce.
  10. It's all been a bit of joke really and quite frankly one big bore.
  11. Kiwis 32 England 22..........

    Again we played like a bunch of strangers, Channel 9 in Oz have just agreed a deal to screen 2009 Super League, so the players in NRL can choose where to go when they retire from NRL.
  12. Not the side I would have selected with the inclusion of Westwood, Price and Calderwood and the exclusion of Sinny and Smithy but at the press and the doubters have the oppurtunity to put the side down now for being beaten in the semi's and not slaughtered in the world cup final against the world champions!

    The only relief is that the 'Kick and Clap' brigade with the new Gavin Henson/David Beckham at No10 were beaten by slightly more points!

    Stirling, your comment about Super League is unfounded, who has won the majority of World club championship the last 10 years? Marshall, the NZ playmaker is UK bound for Leeds and TL who ran the show for NZ in both England games has been playing his rugby in Super League.
  13. ...yes, just like the England football team, good domesticaly but crap at internatioal level, and remind me WHERE the club championship has been played the last few years ?.

    And the UK bound test players ? , I agree with this bloke.....,19528,12196_4506292,00.html
  14. Oh dear another win for the Aussies 52 nil

    So its the Aussies V NZ in the final wow who would have thought :sleepy2:
  15. Good win by the KIWIS...RLWC Champions...havent heard the end of it from the Kiwi's alongside...thank goodness we are under way!
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