Rugby League Referees Course - Aldershot - Feb 22-23

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by northern, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. There will be a Rugby League match officials course at Aldershot 22-23 February, cost is nil to those attending.

    The Course is open to all and all that is required is a sense of humour.

    Anyone wishing to attend PM me, giving contact details.
  2. cos it is rugby as opposed to rrrrugahh :)
  3. Final call for anyone who fancies giving it a go.

    A free course which gets you not only into military but into Civvy refereeing (qualifies you for both) with a third day where you can meet the society members and get continuation training.

    Plus if you are going to be a match official you'll get your kits after the course.

    Might be useful to Rugby Union referees who fancy keeping fit out of season by officiating the other code.

    Anyone interested, drop me a PM and we can square you away with a place.


  4. I remember t'days when I was told in no uncertain terms (80s)that Rugby League wasn't classed as a sport by the RN. I had to request permission every week to play.
  5. Similar, but I did get to play one game whilst in the RN for Southwick Division versus Trainers at Dryad '73, we won easily as we fielded a 'ringer', Welsh under 19 international winger. :D
  6. well it footy in sydney,that other mob called union is so boring yawn,im a brisbane broncos fan ,and i would only watch it when wendel sailor was playing,alas he was suspended 4 two years 4 snorting up his nose,alas no more union again never yawn yawn yawn,the other code is really big in qld and nsw

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