Rugby League: Hunslet Hawks 34 Royal Navy 14

Went to watch this game today with the Mrs, sprogs, father and brother in law.

I was expecting the lads to get a drubbing against the professional championship side and when the Hawks scored in the first minute it looked like my prediction would be correct. I'm pleased to report that the lads stood up to the plate and played some excellent stuff, responding with two tries and a penalty to lead 14-4 at the break.

The second half started in a very competitive manner and remained scoreless until around fifteen minutes before the end when the Hawks scored a try after a handful of very dubious decisions by the referee and what appeared to be a blind linesman. They missed offsides, knock on's and forward passes galore which put the RN side under a lot of pressure and leading to long spells of defending which tired the boys out. Hunslet ran in three or four tries in the final few minutes which gave them a very flattering scoreline.

Very proud of the lads. They stood toe to toe with the professionals and almost pulled off a shock result. It was a very enjoyable game to watch.

Big day for Royal Navy rugby 26.03.12 - YouTube
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