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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RN (Ret'd), Mar 18, 2014.

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  1. Names like Fanny Street and Slag Lane may make us laugh but rude street names can knock thousands of pounds off the value of your home.

    What's in a name? £84,000 according to new research.
    Property firm looked at the effect of street names on house prices.
    It found that homes on roads with rude or embarrassing names are worth an average of £84,000 less than similar properties close by.
    But conversely, it does mean that savvy home-hunters know where to look if they want to bag a bargain property.

    So... where do YOU live??? Bell End, (Rowley Regis, West Mids); Minge Lane, (Worcestershire); Slag Lane, (Lowton, Lancs); Fanny Hands Lane, (Lincs); Crotch Crescent, (Marston, Oxon).

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  2. I used to drop a lad off here weekending....wonder what he saw in the place?

  3. I know that place!! It's on the way to.....

  4. AAF

    AAF War Hero

    Whip-ma-whop-ma-gate in York is shortest street at about 12 mtrs but has the required newsagents and sarnie shop to get you through the day, and a snicket off with letting agency.
  5. Could be worse, mind.....

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  8. And there's a town called Intercourse in the US.

    Here's Camden's contribution.

  9. John Lennon's old address.....................Menlove Ave.............[​IMG].......Liverpool.

    edited to add......working class hero my arse !
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  10. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I've driven past a place called Douglas Bader Walk. I shit thee not. I think it was in Bournemouth or somewhere down that neck of the woods.

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  11. Muff_Co_Donegal.jpg We should organise a run ashore here... belmullet.jpg We have a few from here sometimes on the site...
  12. I've done that, when my bladders got eight pints in it and I want to find the nearest gents !
  13. c hill.jpg One for the Ladies....
  14. Went to buy a motocross bike off a bloke in the village of Roadwater, near Watchet in Somerset some years ago and on entering the village passed a road called CLITSOME VIEW!
  15. Grope Cunt/Gropecunt Lane existed in London in medievel times, and apparently was not unknown in other cities.

    Summat to do with prostitution I do believe.

    Read it in a book.
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. I used to drive past this every other week.
    In response to a phone call asking for my location, my boss spluttered, "You're in her WHAT?"

  18. There is a place in Dorset called Shitterton. I took a detour going weekenders once just to get a picture of the road sign. I cant upload it now, but will the next time I am alongside

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