rubbish at push ups!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by RhysJJ, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. Hi all, just stumbled across the website doing some late night browsing!

    Its been a year since passing my pjft (think i have to re-do) and ive been going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week (running, sit ups, push ups and occasional weights) but i just dont seem to get better at the push ups! i can do about 25/30 in one go but need a rest before doing more, it really tires me out! is this a good amount?

    I should be going to Raleigh later this year, my average run time is low 10 mins always been done on a treadmill though, sit ups are ok. Anyone got any tips on how to improve push ups? or on general preperation for Raleigh

    great website by the way, looooads of info!!
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  2. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just keep doing them, and eat well. My son is now training to join up (booties), he works hard at his phys', but doesn't eat properly so he's not gaining much muscle now.
  3. cheers for the quick reply, yeah more practice i guess. i'm not 1 for drinking these protein shakes, never tried but would my diet really help? i eat fairly healthy i think but dont have a set diet or anything
  4. Dont try and do loads of push ups at once, do it in Reps. Ive got a Push Up training app on my Iphone been using that for 2 months. I can just manage around 60 in one go now. Ill do 10, rest 1 minute, then 7, rest, 12 etc for 5 sets.

    Hope this helps.
  5. wow great yeah i'll try any tips.

    so u do 10, rest 1min, 7, rest 1min, 12, rest 1 min.

    and repeat 5 times? not sure if i got it right, whats the app called??
  6. Thats just an example mate. The app is called "Hundred Pushups" its a day by day thing.

    Take a look.

    With push ups ou are primarily working your chest muscles (nipple line or mid-chest), but triceps, deltoids, lower back and shoulders are also strengthened.
  7. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Sorry Rhys, not very clear answer I guess. You don't need protein shakes. Eat a good balanced diet and eat regular meals, without shying away from protein and you should be okay.
    Do sets of press ups in your work out occasionally, not every day.
    I'm sure your AFCO can help, my son has similar info from the RM CA.
  8. cheers guys, maybe i go wrong trying everyday. usually i'll have 1 attempt at say 50, might only get 25 or 30 then stop and go home. i find i struggle as i usually do my run, then sit ups then push ups all pretty soon after 1another. its like my arms get weeker and weeker never feel stronger or like i'm improving!!
  9. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Don't do the same stuff everyday. As I said before. I'm sure your AFCO can advise.
  10. yeah cheers
  11. Thats how I train, slightly different take on it.

    10 press ups

    Hold the press up position for 10 seconds

    9 press ups

    Hold the position for 9 seconds etc etc
  12. Daffy is spot on. Also try going up from 1 to 10. Then back down from 10 to 1 right after. Its hard but you'll feel really pumped afterwards! :slow:

    Theres a thing called gainers too. You pick a number like 60. I would start at 45 then work up, and split it into 3. Everyday you then do 3 Sets of 15. Each day you add 1 to each set, so the first day you would do 15,15,15. The second day you would do 16,15,15. Third day it would be 16,16,15. And so on, and when they are all 16 you then go upto 17.

    Sooner or later you hit 20,20,20 and are doing 60 pressups everyday easily. Rest for about 20 seconds between each set. And when you feel really up for it just rest 10 seconds for each set.

    After a month or two you're doing twice your max.

    Don't take my word for it though, everyones differen't. But this came straight from an Ex-RM PTI.
  13. Cheers again, just got back from the gym did a 10.30 2.4k havent done it for a month due to a killer bad foot!

    I also downloaded the hundred pushup app, not bad at all. Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the type of pushups you have to do at Raleigh, is it like as long as its a decent push up it counts? i know your chest must touch the floor which i do, i have hands in line with shoulders but was concerned whether the elbows should be tucked in or not, might check out youtube for some examples
  14. It is probably not your fitness or upper strength which is the problem, it is most likely your technique. If I was you I would look online and make sure you are doing it properly, using a mirror or something.
  15. Yeah i looked on youtube for 'Royal Navy pushups', top of the list was a Marine showing an example in a sports hall. If they need to be done like that then i'm fine. what i guess i was trying to get was just how strict they are with technique. what about the breathing, is it better perhaps to breath out on your way down or on the way up?
  16. breath out on the way up!! can't see any logic in doing it the other way, personally
  17. Guinness and core and abs workout

    Cheers indeed try drinking 4 pints of guinness a day that will "bulk" you up all your B complex vitamins in a glass.

    Plus try doing some of these shown here

    YouTube - Fitness - Full Body Workout - Core and Abs

    CharlieJames is awesome!!!
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