Rubber Dagger fit?

Discussion in 'RMR' started by PONFU, Aug 29, 2009.

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  1. Evening guys,

    I am looking to join RMR Bristol, Cardiff detachment, when I start University in Newport this year. However, I am a gash swimmer and my fizz is average to say the least! 10k takes me almost an hour!! :oops:

    So, question that may have been asked before, although I did search and couldn’t find the results, is what sort of standard is required of a day one recruit. I had a look on the website and saw the minimum standards; but if minimum standards were my aim I wouldn’t be applying for the RMR!

    How long would it take an average civvie to reach these standards (fizz and swimming) training “hard†(3-4 times a week)? I won’t make the October intake this year but do you think I’ll be ready for May ’10?

    Apologies if it seems a bone question just something I wondered before bothering the detachment.

    Cheers for any help and no doubt abuse :wink:

  2. Hello mate

    Firstly i wouldn't worry too much about the swimming side of it just now unless you aim to go SC's should you pass the green lid course. My advice at this time would be to concentrate on upping the time in which you cover your 10k as an hour at the moment is pretty poor to be quite frank. My advice for this would be to pick a few routes say one being 6k one 10k up to whatever distance you feel you can do and try and beat the time for that route each time you do it, that way you will find your time will come down quite drastically very quickly.

    I would also think about lots of circuit training in the local park. a good one to start is pyramids that will get you sweating like a rapist in no time. Pyramids consist of running between 2 points having selected a few exercises to do at each end. The exercises could be press ups, sits ups, burpees etc. Run from point A- point B and do 1 of each exercise, then run to point B and do 2 of each exercise and so on. The number of exercises is up to you but make sure you do them properly and not in a half arsed manner.

    Hope this helps as i rushed this post slightly.

    Oh and dont call us rubber daggers as i personally find this offensive!!
  3. Hi XRD

    SC? 8O That would be a good few years away, if ever. I am looking for the GD stuff, keep my targets realistic and all that…

    Pretty poor, very politely put; I am aware how bad it is and “pretty poor†isn’t a term I’d use! :oops: I am starting training for a half-marathon at the moment so have started fartlex, hill sprints and different distance/speed runs so hopefully by May I’ll be on track. :?

    Hadn’t even thought about circuit or bodyweight training, I have been concentrating on runs and the gym. Is cardiovascular fitness more important than strength? Obviously, strength will be important, what I mean is will bodyweight exercises, like the ones you listed, be more beneficial than weight training?

    Certainly has, made me realise that I need to widen my scope and work on more than runs and the gym; thank you.

    Your callsign gives off that impression :wink: What would you like me to refer to them/ yous (-sp) as? Is RMR ok?

  4. SC branch never used to be as far off as you think but i believe the RMR are now very much "do your GD's first before applying"

    Okay your phys is shit mate although as i've pointed out on other posts there is always room for improvement when it comes to that!! Half marathons are good but i would recommend you concentrate on all-round fitness and not becomming a muscle bosun as that isnt what the corps is about. Lots of circuits, cycling, swimming etc should be a good start!!

    In answer to your question, i have no issue being called a rubber by people who have done the course but take exception to wanky ex matlot colleagues, REMF's and wannabes who use the term pf phrase!! :wink:

    Hope that helps, PM me if you need any help!!
  5. XRD,

    Please enlighten an old scrout like me what he meant by "rubber dagger",cheers
  6. Royal Marines Reservists Chris.
  7. Cheers my lover,i can sleep tonight now without trying to work it out for myself, 8)
  8. Nah bother!! 8)
  9. Wanky ex Matelots?
  10. Certainly food for thought, but I think I best concentrate on getting the green lid before thinking about anything else… That in itself is a dream come true, anything else will be a bonus.

    It certainly is but I am dedicated to changing that ASAP so hopefully. I had a feeling the gym was the “easy†option; I won’t be bench pressing in the Bottom Field after all. I’ll just thrash myself in the fields from now on and have a nice river to swim in, save a few quid too- bonus! :)

    Fair play. With hindsight, it was very condescending and arrogant of me to use the term; consider my neck firmly wound in :wink: I would change the title but I’m a sprog and don’t know how :oops:

    Very much appreciated. I think I’ll have a good rummage through the old threads- most of what I need to know will be there, call to get a space on the presentation evening the month I travel down and work on the fizz for now; so I shouldn’t be bothering you too soon!! 8O

    Cheers again


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