RTFQ and the Whoooer


War Hero
Little RTFQ (Stumpy to his mates) went out on the lash with his bezzer mate MDN for a good old session and having had a skinfull they decided to go whoring. They arrived at a suitably smart establishment and chose their rides for the evening. RTFQ looked them up and down (mostly up) and after some consideration chose an absolutely stunning tall blonde massive chebs and a body built for sin. He and his mate followed the ladies from the cabaret upstairs and laughed when they realised they were in adjacent rooms and high fived each other. The brunette that MDN had chosen got her kit off and MDN messed himself before he’d even got his pants off.
But he was astonished to hear loud grunts, moans and sounds of strenuous exertion coming out of the room next door that went on all night long. He was impressed with the seeing to that RTFQ was delivering.

The next morning MDN found RTFQ sitting on the steps of the brothel with his head in his hands and went over to congratulate him on his stamina and superior swordsmanship.

“Mate it sounded like you were knocking that slapper’s hips out all night. I’m impressed. I bet she’s walking like Charlie Chaplin this morningâ€

It is only then that he notices that RTFQ is in fact shaking his head and gently weeping.

RTFQ said “What the fcuk are you talking about? I spent the whole night trying to get on the fcuking bedâ€