Hi guys,

I got my date for my RT today which will be on the 6th october, i am fairly nervous now and have started to brush up on the areas needed for the test.

I just have one question, in the maths section, (as i am not the best at mental maths on some of the harder questions) are you allowed to scribble working down quickly to help you answer the question or does it all have to be done mentally ?

I know there is a time limit, but i find putting the working down quickly rather than doing it in my mind makes me find the answer a hell of a lot quicker.

Thanks in advance,
Trigger :)
either tomorrow or a year tomorrow....

but when I did mine I can't remember being told NOT to write down workings out, but I'm sure someone will correct me or provide more definite advice
AngryMonkey said:
Theres a blank page opposite the answers page where you can do workings. Good luck
Excellent :), That puts my mind at a bit more ease. will start hitting the maths books etc, have all my old school stuff as ive just left about two months ago so it all kind of fresh in my memory.

Thanks for the Reply's :D

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