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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rn147scc, Aug 9, 2009.

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  1. Hello all, I have my RT's on Friday.

    I'm applying to become a Warfare Officer, how hard are the tests and what pass mark would i need to achive?

    Many Thanks

  2. Piece of p!ss in my opinion.
  3. Haha sounds good!
  4. just guess mate u have 1 in 4 chance!
  5. Hello. I would also like to know if the test are hard. i also still have to pick a job role.

    Ive been looking at:

    Marine engineer
    weapon engineer
    Mine warfare specilist
    communication informations specilist
    Communications technician
    Warfare specilist

    Has anyone got more information on these jobs, and what the score is to pass for all the jobs above ?

    Thanks for any help, i really want to get started.
  6. I think only the AFCO know what the pass rate is for each job.
    Because we only get told if we passed or failed.

    Pick the job that YOU want.

    Just dont pick Steward, from what ive read about them they are for 'simple' people. :?
  7. How difficult are the questions?
  8. There no harder than GCSE level, get yourself on the GCSE bitesize revision and crack on, more so the maths as this seems to be what alot of people fail on. Also all the links that have been posted.

    Go prepared and you wont have to worry about how hard they are!
  9. They're not, the time limit is the cnut.
  10. Ha be a steward, and make me a cup of tea bitch
  11. i know im bumping a thread that seems dead, but i don't see any point in making a new one.
    simple question really, what is the dress code for the RT?
    shirt / trousers?
    thanks :)
  12. Smart casual - neatly ironed chinos and polo shirt or something similar, for lads. Skirt/trousers and top for women.

    Dress comfortably so that you are not distracted by your clothing when you are concentrating on the questions.
  13. I wore jeans and a t-shirt.
  14. ooooooh you little rebel you :roll:
  15. thanks :)
    pretty nervous now.
    08:30 is a bit early considering my usual sleeping patterns :oops:
  16. Hehe I'd love to say yes I am but I'm really not...I just didn't realise it should be any more formal and wanted to be comfortable!
  17. I wore trainers,jeans,and a cardigan hoody!
    i iz not a chav...

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