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  1. Guys, do you get a spare piece of paper to do workings out for the Numeracy part?? because when i have been practicing, i have used a spare piece of paper :S
    i know that you get an area to write on, but is it big enough for all the questions? and can you ask for some??
    Cheers guys
  2. ya you have an answer booklet and one side is for working out our answers and the other is for writing your answers! You have plenty of space to work it all out! :)
  3. It's been a while but I believe there was a blank page or area's next to the questions for workings out. I am sure someone else who has done one recently can inform you correctly shortly.
  4. Ahh cheers guys, wass just wondering,
    What i have now chosen to do has a waiting time of 16 months, so does this mean that i wont have my medical or eye test untill i have less than 12 months to wait??
    As im under 18 "/

    Cheers guys
  5. So long as you pass the score for your chosen branch on the RT test, then your medical/interview and fitness will be done after it. Good luck with the test!! :)
  6. ahh nice, thanks mate :)

    You have had your test rigt??
    And how did you find it??
  7. When I did my RT test last month anyone with a wait of over 6 months was sent on their way and told that there Careers Advisor will be in touched in a few months to progress things.
  8. im pretty sure everybody has to wait longer than 6 months from RT test then..??
  9. Maybe it's different from what I said then. Last year I had planned to join the CIS branch, but went back to uni to study law as a post-graduate (joining the reserves now and training as a lawyer). I know the waiting times for CIS then were long, but my medcial/interview/fitness would be done shortly after my RT test.

    Best thing is to ask at your AFCO as they will know exactly what will happen. As for my RT test maths has never been my strong point, but I did manage to pass it. You should get a booklet with example questions before the test, and also have a search on here as there a few links to examples as well.
  10. after my RT i pretty much did everything- medical, eye test, fitness test and final interview within 3 weeks!
    im going in as CIS.

    just playing the waiting game now!!

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