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I didn't want to make a new thread just for this question, but how long do Rt test last for? My original plan was to do an AIB in June, go travelling for a few months and then, if successful, start Dartmouth in April 2011. I was recently told by the AIB that it wouldn't be possible to go to Sultan until January at the earliest for April entry. Considering I did my recruit test last November - would I have to retake it if I did an AIB in January? I am aware that I would have to redo my sift and PJFT.


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corbett12 said:
Hey I passed my rt test today so all is back on just the wait now I know I am on top of the waiting list for sea spec so all is good so pleased with myself.

I dont mean to sound rude but why are you at the top of the list and not the bottom?


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The reason I am at the top of the list is because my waiting time goes from the last Rt test I did hence the reason I had to retake test because it is only valid for three years my runs out this October and I know I won't be in before then for Sea Spec as waiting times have gone up. I took my first Rt test in 2008 that's why mate.
Passed RT today. Was interesting experience. 6 passed, 3 failed 3 didnt show. but one of the fails only failed for officer so is going in as Rating.

Was an interesting morning indeed.

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