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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by corbett12, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. Hi i passed selection last june again after leaving the Navy 2 years ago i did not have to retake my Rt test at that time but now the Sea Spec waiting time has gone up my Rt will be out of date. I failed the first Rt test ages ago but only just passed second time around as i find maths very hard. I only just passed that time so i will be taking my third test this time just wondering what will happen if i fail in my head i wont but i have to think of the possiblties of failing. I am revising every day i have had a personal tutor for the second test now for this test it costs me 50 pound a week not sure what to do. :?
  2. probably best to hang yourself now, you'll only do it after you fail anyway.
  3. thanks i have been the tests which are on the links i am just so worried that this could be my career gone if i dont make the grade.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    We only permit a third re-take under exceptional circumstances for exceptional candidates, so someone at the AFCO obviously believes in you, even if you have doubts about yourself.

    There's not a lot that can be said about the test - you've passed it once, you've failed it once, we only have three versions. Only a fool would underestimate the significance of their final opportunity, so as always, the advice is to revise against the clock & take all the extra tuition you can adfford - it will pay dividends.

    Best of luck.
  5. thanks Ninja il keep revising.
  6. As Ninja says it's practice, practice and more practice. I always liken it to doing a crossword, the more you understand the questions and the type of answer they are looking for the easier it will get. Make sure that you get an answer down for every question. Better to guess than not put any answer down. Guess = 20% chance of getting it right, No answer means 100% chance of getting it wrong.

    Best of luck


  7. if i were to fail this test would that be it for me out the door forever even though i have served before and my other Rt test is valid till november this year.
  8. i am not blaming my actions on anyone i know i made a huge mistake leaving i am just asking a question on what my options will be if i dont make this test thats all.
  9. The honest answer is if you can not get in before your current RT runs out and you were to fail your third attempt. Then yes that is it for your application.

    Talk to your CA (he/she) will fully explain it to you. They've got all your information and can give you better advice than we can without all the information.

    Good luck


  10. thanks supermario fingers crossed.
  11. Hey I passed my rt test today so all is back on just the wait now I know I am on top of the waiting list for sea spec so all is good so pleased with myself.
  12. Well done buddy. Glad it turned out of for you in the end :)
  13. Cheers can't beilieve it what a stuggle
  14. I didn't want to make a new thread just for this question, but how long do Rt test last for? My original plan was to do an AIB in June, go travelling for a few months and then, if successful, start Dartmouth in April 2011. I was recently told by the AIB that it wouldn't be possible to go to Sultan until January at the earliest for April entry. Considering I did my recruit test last November - would I have to retake it if I did an AIB in January? I am aware that I would have to redo my sift and PJFT.
  15. I dont mean to sound rude but why are you at the top of the list and not the bottom?
  16. Your Rt test is valid for 3 years from when you take it.
  17. The reason I am at the top of the list is because my waiting time goes from the last Rt test I did hence the reason I had to retake test because it is only valid for three years my runs out this October and I know I won't be in before then for Sea Spec as waiting times have gone up. I took my first Rt test in 2008 that's why mate.
  18. fair enough, i wasnt taking the piss just wondering was it because of previous service or another reason.
  19. That's Cool no problems shipmate.

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