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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sean_1989cfc, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    I have recently taken and failed the RT test on Mechanical Comprehension.
    The AFCO have told me to retake in 6 months time if I can assure them that I take some preparation in Mechanical Compreshesion.

    2 Questions:

    1) What is the best way to pass the Mechanical Comprehension part?

    2) What is the pass mark?

    Much appreciated if anyone can help me :)
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    1. Practice tests (see the FAQ section above)

    2. The only trades setting a pass/fail mark in Mechanical comprehension are the technical trades - you need to get at least 14 out of 30 correct in that section.
  3. Yes i have looked at the RT forums, but couldnt find any of the answers I was looking for regarding Mechanical Comprehension.

    Also, what is the percentage of retakes being successful?
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Those that re-take the RT in less than 12 months at my particular AFCO have about a 25% success rate.

    Not so long ago we had 21 people invited to sit the Recruiting Test, 13 bothered to turn-up, 6 passed.
  5. Oh i see. Why does it take 6 months to retake the RT?

    The AFCO said i needed to prove to them that I do some preparation in order that i pass next time around. As i failed the mechanical comprehension side of it, I'm unsure of how i can go about doing it? If I had failed the numeracy or english part of it, I could get a tutor. But that unfortunately isn't the case.
  6. That is amazing. A truly shocking statistic.
  7. I found the Royal Navy "how2become" CD ROMs were very helpful for the mechanical comprehension parts and also for the other 3 tests as well.

    It's also really helpful in preparing for the interview too! Here's the link:


    Good luck!
  8. Recruiting test test. Nice.
  9. Hi sean_1989cfc:

    How was the test as a whole? I am visitint the AFCO on tuesday with a view to joining the navy, but will admit that I find the test daunting.. more so with the mechanical comprehension side of it.

    What prep did you do?

    i am a civil servant and i even had to sit an exam with them prior to employement and i found that daunting.

    Have you any advice to give?

  10. Bartman

    I can understand your apprehension with the thought of doing tests as many people feel the same including myself.

    I passed my RT test for AET last November. I personally think the questions which appear are not absolutely mind-boggling. The challenging part is completing each section against the time limit; I suspect this is what catches some people out, especially those who don't practice enough before the test. Some people also panic during timed tests and all this will do is make things worse for you and cloud your thought.

    My suggestion is test yourself with numerous tests covering all areas strictly against the clock and pace yourself.

    From what I remember it works out that you've got 18 seconds to answer each question on the verbal reasoning, comprehension sections and a bit longer on the numeracy and mechanical comprehension. There are load of psychometric tests on the internet; work against a stopwatch. Brush up on your maths, people do tend to get rusty with numeracy and again this can cost you valuable seconds in the test if you don't. There was a guy I spoke to at my local AFCO. He was going for AET just like me and he said he was already an aircraft technician working in a civilian role. He was the 1 person I thought would breeze through the test but he failed and by his own admission because his maths was rusty and he did not practice sufficiently.

    Here is a link that somebody posted on this forum before which I found quite useful, especially if you want to go that little bit extra. It does cost to register but if you fail, you'll usually have to wait 12 months before you can re-sit and waiting times for each branch seem to be shooting up all the time.

    RT tests for Royal Navy

    I found these tests considerably harder than the real thing, especially the numeracy. If you can score 75% and higher then you should be laughing when it comes to the real thing. The only section that I found to be lacking because it didn't really reflect much of the real RT test was the mechanical comprehension section. It covers things like cogs, pulleys, cranks, crow bars, force multipliers etc. But I was caught out by a couple of questions on the real RT test.. for example the correct wiring of a plug!!! The last time I wired a plug was in early high school.

    Good luck anyway.
  11. Cheers: Cheesy_peas_please

    I am sick of tests lol..... was up till early hours looking at them, I was told that getting 11+ tests is a good help also (trying to find it is harder) I may buy it as the library dont have a copy.

    Being timed is the issue with me, well i hope so. My current job before i could be offered it i had to sit a numeracy & literacy test which was timed and i got through that.

    Im speaking with the AFCO tomorrow and will get some advice from them also, i guess i will just try and cram tests with work etc..... i keep doing the example test on the navy website, to make sure i understand etc.

    Im hoping for a admin type role but know i will brush up on it all.

    Thanks for your reply.
  12. Got my test on Tuesday so thank you for the link, I downloaded it earlier and have been on there most of tonight.

    I've done all the practise tests and my scores came to:

    Reasoning 30/30
    Reasoning 2 13/15
    Verbal - 26/30
    Maths - 25/30 (very shocked as this is by far my worst subject)
    Mechanical - 6/10, without checking answers and a bit of thought I then got 7/10.. still a bit miffed by one of the questions, the 1st one with the wheel turning clockwise which way will the small wheel turn?

    I'm hopefully going into be an AET... based up on these scores, what are my chances would you think? Assuming the interview goes well, and I pass the medical etc?

    I'm a bit gutted the tests didn't have any more mechanical questions, as this is what I'm most worried about, especially since someone said you need to know the wires inside a plug? I THINK without looking its, Neutral, Earth and Live - Don't know what colours what though?!

    Is there any other questions like that, or anywhere else online for these type of questions.

    to original thread started, sorry if I've hijacked your thread.. I'm sure you could do with the help yourself anyways? Didn't want to make a new one and get told off for not using the search function.

    Cheers lads.
  13. I have a provisional test date of March sometime - kinda nervous wish it was sooner but glad I have a few of weeks to prepare. Though I was told it may change just wait for your letter.

    Though I did want to ask if anyone else is going in as a change of career/life. In my late 20's and nervous :p
  14. HI Lunian

    Don't be nervous, I'm looking for a change etc and i'm 33..... Just go for it and enjoy it lolo
  15. Oh I plan too :D New friends, new places, lots of travel and I really what to go white water rafting at some point :D
  16. I would like to try and get my rugby back lol..... but white water rafting sounds cool......

    I'm hoping to get my test date soon, all this studying is giving me a brain drain :D
  17. You'll be able to get your RT done and go straight to the back of line :D
  18. This is my plan also, Lunian.

    I'm 23, left school not knowing what I really wanted to do, so went to college to do business studies, didn't really like it so left after 4 months and went into hairdressing, did that for 3 years.. was the best job I've ever had but the money wasn't enough, started working for a bank, and have worked for them for the past 3 1/2 years studying to be a financial advisor, but it's not what I really want.

    I've recently split up from my girlfriend of 4 1/2 years (we have a 9 month old daughter together) and she's moved back to Somerset, and I'm now looking to get on my feet and become somone who my daughter and family can be proud of and look up to.
    Aswell as the personal sense of achievement I bet it feels like when getting to milestones throughout the naval career, i.e. passing out, finishing phase 2, promotions etc..
    I feel, although I'll be on less money than what I'm on now the navy will give me a chance to save easier (my biggest downfall) for our daughters future... when you read that it probably doesn't make much sense, but my outgoings now as apposed to what they will be if I get in I'll probably be better off (with a bit of luck)

    Plus the travelling, the brotherhood (without wanting to sound gay), the challenges, the sport, the benefits of having the chance to save without my friends easily persuading me to go out clubbing or for food or shopping etc.. and a pension (would like more info on this if anyone could?) and the skills, experience and the variation of work day to day.. oh and working on possibly the best ships and aircraft in the world serving for queen and country.

    I know my dad will be so proud of me aswell, with his dad having served in the Navy (I haven't told him I'm applying yet and probably wont until I invite him to me passing out at Raleigh)

    ...now back to those physcometric tests (I've got 3 from the Library - The aptitude test workbook, aptitude, personallity and motivation tests and diagrammatic & abstract reasoning) I've only looked at the aptitude test workbook so far, but DEFINATLEY recommend it if you have until March, I think you said?

    I'll let you know how I get on Tuesday 9:00 .. haven't been this nervous ever, not even my driving test!

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