RT test tomorrow + general hi

Hi to everyone on here first of all ive been reading this forum for some time but never felt the need to post much just sent a few PM's to find out some info i needed (thanks angry doc & bawsack).

The site has really helped me so far during the recruitment process and im sure it will keep doing so (never off the FAQ) .

anyway novel over, im going into reading tomorrow for my RT and was wondering if anyone else from the site was too.

8) tatgar
Hi soleil thanks for the good luck ive never turned any down yet lol , yeah that thread has been a regular work break visit lol.

i bought the psychometric testing for dummies off amazon for a few quid and that helped loads.
sat the test and passed!!!! im sooo chuffed :)

just waiting for my medical but the AFCO advised that will likely be somepoint next year which is great because ive got time to loose that little extra weight.

thanks to Ninja_Stoker and everyone who added to the RT thread because thats what got me the pass


8) tatgar

Whats this Recruit test test you speak of ? :?



Edit; Oh and congrats on passing ! :thumbleft:

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