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Hi ive recently looked at the test example questions for the RT that i can download through these threads and i was just wondering if these questions are easier or harder than the real test? also i would like to nknow if the RT includes questions that are not shown in the practice booklet.

Much appriciated as i'm getting very stressed over what i need to revise!


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Easier or harder... nope the questions in the RT are exactly the same as the ones in the booklet, it's only the time constants that is the hard part.
Okay thanks that's made me feel alot better! :) I know I'm asking alot of questions which I assume are annoying so sorry....but could you tell me what sort of questions I should be expecting to face when sitting the mechanical test?


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My RT was well over a year ago so standby for corrections.

The mech section was a mixed bag, some as simple as "which tool would you use to cut through a metal pipe? - Hacksaw, screwdriver, tenon saw, hammer " to stuff like THIS (cogs, pulleys, levers etc.)

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