RT Test and Psychometric Questions (Especially Mechanical Comprehension)

Hi I'm new here so please don't be too harsh on me!
Im 15 so just finishing my GCSE's and am taking my RT early next month. I've ploughed through many fourms and found many bits and bobs about what resouces are useful for the psychometric test, but i can't seem to find anything that is in a directly similar format to that in the example booklet given by my AFCO. I am looking at becomming a Weapons Engineer Officer so I understand the pass grade is very high. Does anybody know exactly what this mark is? Finally I am confident with most parts of the test but am not so sure about the mechanical comprehension section. Does anyone know any good reasources for that part especially or any good methods of preparing for it?

Any help and support would be much appreciated,



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The Recruiting Test score for RN or RM Officer is the same regardless of specialisation & the some of the sites at the link (below) have mechanical comprehension elements representative of the RN recruiting Test for those prepared to delve a little deeper & follow the guidelines.

Officer candidates should aim to score above 70% correct in each of the four sections.

Best of luck

Recruiting Test & Example Psychometric Tests
Hi mate. Got my RT on Friday, I've been looking at BBC Bitesize Physics (GCSE) to prep for the mechanical comprehension - not sure how handy that's going to be, but it's better than not doing anything. I've also been looking at levers (as a few posts I've read on here seem to point in that direction.) along with circuits/symbols. Good luck!
Thanks guys.
Knowing to get atleast a 70% is good to know for a minimum target for when im going through the test. Also the link to the forum looks highly benificial and I will look through some of the resources in the next few days. I've also seen things about levers (like in the picture below if you can see it)
But this wasnt shown in the booklet given by the AFCO and can get pretty complex. Dont want to waste time learning it if it isnt goin to come up but best to be on the safe side. Also good luck for Friday mate! Try and let us know how you got on.
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Yeah buddy...that's exactly what I've been looking at - I do think it will come up (so many people have said to look at it) even though it's not in the practice book, it's worth to have a look anyway :) I think the main advice I've taken from the forum is to just work with the time given (not much) and go as fast as possible without spending too much time on 1 question. If it doesn't look achievable in 10 seconds - I'll probably skip and go back to it in the end (where i'll hopefully have just enough time to make an educated guess.) I'll let you know...thanks, hope it goes well :)


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I've also came across this link on here several times FREE PRACTICE TESTS: Practice online aptitude, ability and personality testing for recruitment, employment and development - I think I might be a complete nugget, but I can't seem to get on to the practice tests that everyone else is talking about. I'm not exactly computer-illiterate, so I don't know what is going on :( lol.
I am useless on computers but just managed to enter fake details & start the test, so it's perhaps a good test of initiative if nothing else.

Personality tests bear no relation to the psychometric test but you have to run that gauntlet first.
Trutchie, as someone who has been through the whole process, i'd strongly recommend not letting pass marks or similar cross your mind. Generally you won't find out what you achieve or how close you were to passing/failing and the mark itself, whether you're going through RT, AIB or anything is irrelevant when all you need to concentrate on is giving it your all. Wondering if you're making marks or losing them will only distract you from getting on with it and getting a great score!

Good luck!
Thanks, your right i shouldn't deviate from concentrating on the questions, i just wanted to know wjether it was quite a high or low pass mark and now i do. Thanks for the advice :) I need all i can get. haha.

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