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Hi all, I'm looking for information on the subject of RN trades and the minimum RT scores needed to attain them. Scored 88/120 on the online practice test and I'm wondering where I stand from there. The roles I'm interested in are: aircrewman (which I think is 72?), CT, CIS and AET.

Any information would be appreciated, thanks.


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The RT scores required for each branch are not published and you will not know what score you get. I would suggest you read up on which would be your Branch Of Preference (BOP) and have a back up in case you don’t achieve the score you need. If you practice and give maximum effort in your RT, you will be fine.
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Do your best is all that is required, if you prepare well? The recruiter can give you your best options, if you don't prepare and do carp your recruiter can offer you the carp options, the choice is yours good luck?


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If this keeps on, I'll be herring things with all this carping on, maybe have a party and have a whale of a time:rolleyes:

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