RT Score required for Seaman Grade 2 in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary??

Discussion in 'RFA' started by triston, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. Any1 know if and where it's laid down for the pass mark for deck hands in the rfa? My overall score was 57! Cheers.
  2. Welcome to Rum Ration, Triston.

    RFA - Ratings - RT Test - Comms 58 - Others 53.
  3. Thanks very much. Have since been told that my maths wasn't high enough even though my overall score was ok! Gutted.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's laid down on the RN website here, within these downloads: Naval-Publications | Royal Navy

    In addition to the "all-up" score there are usually minimum scores for many jobs in individual sections regardless of the total score, especially with regard literacy and numeracy. It's theoretically entirely possible to score 99/120 correct overall but underscore for any job and alternatively score 0/30 in two individual sections, but still pass.
  5. I recently applied and currently awaiting a date for my RT, any idea how long this normally takes? I only recieved the email today but was just wondering how long I have to prepare for it? I know there's alot of really good info on this forum but any tips would be greatly appreciated!! Cheers
  6. Hi, i was phoned by the AFCO about 2 weeks after the email, they gave me 2 dates to choose from.
  7. Hi Luminox, cheers mate, they've been in touch and I have my RT on 23rd August!! Really bricking it now :-/ I believe the hardest part of the test is the time limits rather than the questions themselves.....

    Ah well, we'll see
  8. gmc


    hi chris, i passed my test early july , its not that hard,but the time does put you under pressure.If you get stuck on a question guess the answer and move on!does anyone know when the interviews for SG2 begin?checking my emails everyday but still no reply,starting to think im not getting in!thanks.
  9. Recruitment said the closing date was the end of Sept, so I'm guessing you wont know until after then, how long after taking the RT did you know if you'd passed/failed?
  10. gmc


    hi,i got an email about 2 days after the test to say i had passed,and that they may contact me for an interview closer to the course date?
  11. i also got an email saying that they will be in touch in the autumn about interviews. any guesses on how long it would take from a successful interview to starting?
  12. Hi Harry, I was told last week that the start date will be April 2013
  13. I passed the exam in Plymouth yesterday, met a really cool chap who took the test for the RFA too, hoping he passed. So interviews in Autumn, start in April, they weren't kidding when they said it was a lengthy process :)

    What I will say about the RT exam is this; the first section is fairly risky in that it's easy, but I totally didn't gauge the timescale properly. Make sure to be conscious about the time limit and answer as many of them as you can quickly, move onto the next one and answer it, then come back to the one you're hesitant about. Correct answers are paramount, rather than you taking 3 minutes to answer one question, but missing out on 4 questions you would have answered within 20 seconds. :salut:
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  14. Good News!! I got an email yesterday afternoon saying I'd passed :), just got to play the waiting game now and pray we get interviews!! Good luck mate!
  15. Congratulations on passing the RT exam. Good luck to you too, fingers crossed we all put to sea by April :D
  16. Well done Shippers

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  17. Anybody heard anything about interviews ?
  18. gmc


    Not heard a thing mate,was wondering the same thing,if any one hears anything post it on hear to let us know thanks!
  19. Hi, My first post here. I passed my RT in July near Belfast, got the email saying I'd passed the next day and that they'd contact me about an interview closer to a course start date. Really hoping it's soon :smile:
  20. Sounds like we're all waiting for these interviews then. Are they at the local AFCO?

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