RT score for WS and CIS

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by cracker89, Feb 7, 2010.

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  1. Ive looked at the table with all the scores on but couldnt really make much sense out of it! (Bit hungover! haha)

    So, is the RT score needed for WS higher or lower than for CIS?
  2. Don't quote me on it but, I would say that you would need a higher score to be CIS than WS. I'm talking from Submarines, and a WS S//M name sake.
  3. Well im at the Careers office on Tuesday morning but was just hoping someone on here would know :)
    im sure someone will! haha
  4. if you can spell your name..you pass
  5. FunkyJunky... ive passed my RT for CIS but im wanting to change trades and go for WS
  6. What has made you change your mind on CIS?
  7. I believe WS has a RT score of 53 and CIS 58 so you should be fine cracker..

    hope this helps
  8. i just think ws is more for me than cis is. Been reading up on what both trades are and what they do. Only snag is ws is a longer wait. oh well, be worth it in the end!
  9. Wow, good to see someone wanting to change branches not just because the waiting time is shorter!
  10. Id rather wait to do something i really want to do, than choose a branch just cos its shorter.
    A person i know went in as a chef cos the waiting time was shorter for that then the other branch he wanted (not sure but it was totally different!) and hes now coming out cos hes sick of been stuck in a kitchen.

  11. He could always crab sideways to crusher.
  12. I did say that to him! haha.
    Hes actually getting medically discharged (depression or something like that)
    Didnt want to ask too much lol

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