RT Revision

hey everyone

Newbie to this and would like some advice.
received a letter today with my RT date (22nd may).

I have looked through the forums and found numerous links to revison pages etc. I've worked through the booklet and noticed Im struggling a bit with my numeracy skills. I have logged onto the bbc bitesize maths site.... is this any good?

I've taken into consideration what everyone is saying about timing and keeping calm :)

I just dont want to waste time revising rubbish that isn't relevant.

any advice would be appreciated! Thanks
When I did mine, it was nothing too difficult. Things like fractions, area, perimeter, decimal places, long multiplication, adding, subtracting etc. basically just doing the simple stuff quickly and correctly. I think not panicking and working through it calmly is really good advice, and if you just go over the same sort of questions as they give you in the practice booklet and you can do them well, you won't go far wrong.
I bought a how to prepare for psychometric tests book which definitely helped.

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hi everyone
trying to test myself against the clock for the RT but cant seem to find what each sections time limits are.
I have seen them posted on here but im going round in circles trying to find them again a bit of help would be great please x
The timings are in the selection process booklet your afco should have given you. It's available in pdf format on the rn website if you don't have a copy.

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