RT re-sit & Waiting times.


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kinross_special said:
2_deck_dash said:
Graf said:
2_deck_dash said:
Drakey said:
Ninja_Stoker said:
2_deck_dash said:
Ross_The_Bluebird said:
12 months i think.

Actually the answer is ''Battle of Crecy, 26th August 1346'' but nice try.


You've lost me!!!!

The symptoms include a swelling of the affected area and discolouration of the skin.

What if you have swelling but no discolouration?

The high jungle canopy means there are literally thousands of undiscovered species of birds and insects within this region.

yes, but the harder the fewer...

Firefighters repeat their advice that attempting to cook fry-ups after a heavy nights drinking can lead to death

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