RT kit list anyone ?

Hi, I am fully aware the AFCO will give me the kit list, but I would like it before hand as I'm on a low income and would like to be prepared for RT in advance any help much appreciated I guess.

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Hi, I am fully aware the AFCO will give me the kit list, but I would like it before hand as I'm on a low income and would like to be prepared for RT in advance any help much appreciated I guess.Posted from the Navy Net mobile app (Android / iOS)
Pen/Pencil - you can probably get cheap ones from LIDL/ALDI.Good luck


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1. General. All new recruits arriving at CTCRM are issued with the uniforms and equipment necessary for Royal Marines Commando Training, however, you need to purchase a number of personal items. Although the vast majority of these items can be purchased on camp, it is necessary to give you some guidance before you arrive.

2. Civilian Dress. Recruits will spend the majority of their time in uniform, however, smart civilian dress will be required for the first few days, evenings, weekends and leave periods. When proceeding on leave or in the dining area or in the all ranks bar, ranks are NOT allowed to wear: patched or frayed jeans, track suits, shorts or offensive shirts.
3. Maintaining Kit. All uniforms are provided, however it is the responsibility of all servicemen to maintain their kit. To achieve this, recruits receive instruction.
4. Additional Military Equipment. The emphasis throughout training is placed on a Recruit learning how to look after the equipment issued and to this end Recruits are discouraged from buying additional items unnecessarily. Additional equipment should not be purchased until advice has been sought from the training team.
5. The following items should be brought with you:

A set of smart civilian dress (shoes, trousers, collared shirt and tie). This should be worn when joining CTCRM. 1 set
Casual civilian dress. (Smart jeans, T-shirts and clean training shoes are allowed). At least 2 sets
Swimming trunks. 1 pair
Flip-flops. (Accommodation and washing facilities are communal) 1 pair
Sports kit (Shorts, t-shirts, socks) Two sets
Training shoes One pair.
The following items should be brought with you, although they can be purchased at CTCRM:
Clothes brush 1
Coat hangers 6
Shoe cleaning kit 1 set
Soft yellow dusters (good quality for polishing shoes) 2
Metal polish (eg. Brasso). 1 tin
Washing liquid 1 packet
Steam iron (essential).
Due to Health and Safety requirements all electrical equipment at CTCRM is tested regularly, therefore, it is strongly advised that a new steam iron is purchased.
There are several small items that the new recruit will be required to buy from the shop on camp, the list for which will be given on arrival. To this end Recruits must arrive at CTCRM with sufficient money to cover the cost of these items

Personal Hygiene in Barracks. Exacting standards of personal hygiene are required from The Royal Marines. The following items are to be brought:
Shower gel 1
Shampoo. 1
Comb. 1
Toothbrush. 1
Toothpaste. 1
Nail brush. 1
Razor (not electric) + spare blades 1
Shaving foam/gel. 1
Large Towel 2

In addition to the above CTC no longer give a cash advance (loan) so recruits need to join with £200 to hold them over to pay day - you get an additional kitlist upon joining so you will need to have money available - don't try to second guess the individual kitlist given to your troop as anyone arriving with kit in addition to the list supplied by your AFCO (above) will have it impounded and then have to send it home after families day, week three.

The most expensive bit of kit is the steam iron - Murphy's Law dictates that the more money that is spent on an iron, the more likely is that it falls off your ironing board, so £25-30 is a good price to pay.

Thank you ninja !! Very much appreciated !! And would you be able to help me out I'm trying to bring my 3 miler time down and increase my press ups I've used the online training but I don't find it very useful and was wondering if you had any recommendations please ?? !!

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The best advice is from the training teams; To improve your run-times, interval training & hill sprints, to improve press ups, practice quality first, then increase quantity by gradually increasing reps.
Regarding the press ups, I see you are using the Iphone or Android app - search for '100 Push Ups' in the store - it is a free app and I have found it good for increasing press up ability.

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