rt.. help

hey guys, i have my rt tuesday at 9 30 am and i am bricking it please can someone share some tips or past experience please... cheers
As long as you have prepared somewhat then it will be fine :) I found that the questions themselves are not tricky, it's the time constraints that were the challenge- so make sure you are confident in working things out really fast! The ones I was unsure of I left and then went back to if I had the time and made an educated guess, if you dwell on one you may miss out on marks as there could be questions further on that you don't have time to answer, but you would have gotten right. Good luck!
It's exactly as Litelite described it. The questions are easy, it's just getting them in the time limit. But as long as you have some common sense you should pass! Just make sure you make an educated guess on the ones you don't know, which is what I did in mine. Good luck!


I use caffeine VERY carefully to help improve performance. Too much and you'll be jittery and fail regardless of how intelligent you are.

Just relax and think through the questions, don't be afraid to make notes and mark questions you're unsure about so you can come back to them at the end and look at them again.
Thats what im interested in going for, im waiting for a reply from the Navy to give me a date for my RT test, when did you take yours? And what was it like

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