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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ripper, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. Hello,
    i have taken the RT twice and i failed them both (not good I KNOW) but i am desperate to join the RN and i am still only 16. I saw my recruitment test scores on the sheet i had to sign to say i done it and my overall grades were 50 and 51 over the 2 tests. He said that i cant apply apply again to join the navy? Is this true or is he trying to scare me off? It is stupid how i can never apply again as i am still at a young age. Any help would be great? Thanks!
  2. If he said no then chances are he actually means no.
  3. I hear McDonalds are hiring
  4. Meow, wharra bitch :wink:
  5. There is a limit to the amount of times you, or anyone else, can sit the test. If there was no limit, then the place would be full of people doing the test over and over which would be ridiculous when you think about it. If the recruiter told you that you can only have two attempts, then I can only imagine that you are only allowed two attempts. You may have to wait a very long time before you are allowed to have another go. Ninja or SM maybe along shortly to confirm. PS: You're not the first to fail, and you certainly ain't the last.
  6. Is the reason not that there is only 2 test papers and you you cant sit the same test?
  7. I am not trying to sound harsh but prior to taking the RT test you are given a book with practice questions to try and there are plenty of websites out there with practice tests which does pose the question did you do enough practice prior to taking the test, if not and then failed it a second time due to not preparing for it then it can only point to one conclusion
  8. I think it's more of an infinite monkeys and typewriters kind of thing haggis catcher. Give a mong enough exam papers and crayons and sooner or later he'll luck out and pass, especially as it's multiple choice and ******* easy anyway.
  9. Careers Staff aren't in the habit of "scaring off" people - not normally anyway. Also, it isn't stupid if you think about it; if you were allowed to take the test as often as you want, there would be no point having one since everyone can pass it eventually - a bit like numeracy and literacy tests for teachers.

    BR3 states:

    The Navy's meaning of exceptional circumstances usually relates to a bereavement or illness - not that you were too young or didn't think about it much.

    As you are still 16, you must have taken the RT test at a really young age - did you wait the full 12 months before the retest? Did you practice enough, having learnt from your mistakes?
  10. Fail to prepare.....Prepare to fail :twisted:
  11. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    It may seem cruel to not allow you to pass this simple test (and it should be a piece of piss for a 16yr old who has just come out of full time education) but to allow you an infinite amount of attempts would only result in the RN's and your time and effort being wasted.

    Yes, you could pass after a number of attempts however, you have got to pass numerous exams during Phase 2 training. The RN's training policy states that trainees who fail 3 exams during Phase 2 are to be discharged shore. I'm involved with Phase 2 training-I've seen enough people get binned through lack of own effort or aptitude. It costs a lot of money to train people.

    Why waste both the RN's and your time if you didn't prepare the first time or the second time? There is a recession going on and the RN is able to be choosy (and quite rightly so) about who it allows in.
  12. Even if you did pass at the umpteenth attempt, would you then fail to prepare for basic training also and then get binned off on the first week due to this, therefore wasting a place that could have gone to someone far more deserving on the waiting list who has spent the last 12 months training and preparing for it.

    I guess i already know the answer to this
  13. Unfortunately he/she was telling you the truth. There is an option but only under exceptional circumstances for a third test. The option is only used if there was some reason why one of your two RT test wasn't done under the correct circumstances (Noise outside, Death in family prior to sitting etc). So it's very unlikely that you would be given it.


  14. Ripper, i am curious now

    You have been asking the same questions now on various threads since december, although i slightly admire your determination, no matter how many times you ask i think it is unlikely that you are going to get the answer that you appear to crave.

    Judging by some of your earlier threads and the attitude displayed in them and the distinct hint of desperation to be in any of the armed forces not just the navy i do think that even if you were offered a 3rd attempt at the RT i find it highly unlikely that you would make it past the interview stage.

    My advice would be to take a year out from applying, decide what it is you really want to do, grow up in the maturity department and if you still feel the navy is for you then perhaps consider applying to the naval reserve, spend a year or so there and if you still want to join the regulars and can show yourself as an asset then possibly ( wait for ninja to correct me on this) you may be able to apply again

    Simples :roll:
  15. Ripper, your back. Welcome :D

  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As often advised, those who fail the RN Recruiting Test are at liberty to apply to join the Army or the RAF if they wish.

    The RAF Recruiting Test is broadly similar to the RN test. The Army Barb test is computer based and some individuals find they are more adept undertaking tests in this format rather than paper & pencil.

    As with all three services, the higher the test score, the more trades available.

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