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RT documents


Bit of a daft question, but what are these educational certificates that I am supposed to bring to the RT? Those slips of paper we where given at the end of school telling us all of our grades? and also I dont have a passport yet and I read in another thread that people without them got sent away. Is this true? cheers


'These educational certificates' are indeed the slips of paper given at the end of school and any other quals you have gained, some guy didn't have a passport when he went for his RT either and he was allowed to do it although he did have his birth certificate.


Don't forget your NHS card. If you can't find it or don't have one call the NHS hotline and order one to be delivered. Normally takes up to a couple of weeks. I'd never heard of them before the RT!


Lantern Swinger
You could just go to your GP and ask for your NHS Number they will write it down if you have run out of time to order one.

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