Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by josiecats, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. LAST week .. we found a baby seagull... in the Mum in laws garden... recused it put it in a box...........
    phoned up the RSPCA......
    they said let it go..... it will be ok,,, mums around somwhere it will be ok.
    Mum in law tells us today its DEAD.. in her garden..
    So tell me why the feckers at RSPCA desided that it was not important enugh to live.........
  2. The advice that then RSPCA gave was the best possible for the good of the chick. The chicks parents should have been in the vicinity and may be could have taken care of it. Chicks are virtually impossible to hand rear.
  3. Nature sucks.
  4. I admire your compassion. Makes a very pleasant changes in this day and age.BZ to you.
  5. Erm, it's a shite-hawk, they should all die.

    Also, wouldn't the RSPB have been a better call than the RSPCA?

    Seeing as your a girlie though, I suppose your heart was in the right place.

    (It was still a shite hawk though).
  6. My killick told me that shitehawks were the souls of dead sailors, then he fed some of them bread and carbide.
  7. Thats the Albert Ross Slim. Anyone fond of Shitehawks should live up here,
    Whoever made them protected obviously never lived by them, They`re a fucking pest, they dive bomb you, and pets, they should all be exterminated. Trust me, if i had found that one i would have wrung its scrawny neck. Peace brother.

  8. Should've given it to one of your cats as a "friend" :)
  9. some RO who will remain nameless tried to spear a shite hawk off the bridge wing of leeds castle with a boat hook... silly arse. Trooped for loss of boat hook. Coarse we didn't have aboat but thats by the by.

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