R's to go by March?


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Just been to a very large naval stores office and been told that a signal has been issued to all stores informing them that they are not to issue R epaulettes WEF Feb / March time. All personnel are to use RN rank slides from that time.

Thank you so much COMMARRES for taking the time to communicate this mildly important piece of information to us - after all we're only mere mortals who're affected by this.


and no doubt all stores will be issued with additional sets of RN epaulettes to make the change seamless..............................................


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veryparttimer said:
NELSON slops refused to issue with me rank slides with an R back in January this year, so won't hold my breath on this one!

They were still issuing RNR flashes for no 1 suits at Raleigh in October at least. I would think they still are.


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Thats my beef - no announcements or DINS' - rather a certain large establishment being told a signals been sent. This is so typical of the RNR, keep us in the dark and feed us manure attitude. No wonder we have a retention crisis...


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I was told that the R will go for all uniform except no1's.

The reason is that RNR confuses people esp crabs who do not know or care what RNR stands for

part way for loosing the "R".

I however do like it as well as i can do the same job as a navy officer and hold a proper job as well. Multi tasking, navy dont do that!! :lol: , well at least not without a permit :p


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Latest buzz I have heard is that they are going to phase the 'R' out over the next few years starting with the 'R' on the right sleeve (the saluting arm!) and then when people start asking why the (remaining) 'R' is on the left sleeve (that's the non-saluting arm) rather than a more logical 'L' for 'Left', they will get a Queen's order in Parliament for it to be finally removed.

Not sure how genuine this buzz is but it seems to fit with the grand strategy of 'take a good idea and make a total f**k up of it'


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Should be fun seeing as there are not enough Lt and Lt Cdr tabs without the R's as it is. Some minor supply hicup that I am sure will be fixed in next to no time by the new and improved Supply Chain branch.

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