It is with great sadness that I have to pass on the news that mate ex RS(SM) 'Piggy' Milne passed away this morning. Piggy was a larger than life character, who will be remembered by a great many submariners of the 60s/70s & 80s.
Typical of Piggy, although having been very ill for many months, he remained cheerful to the very end. Indeed he was planning on traveling down to Gosport, from his beloved Clydebank to stay with me & Mrs P. for a week or two. As a great mate and my 'Bessie Oppo' he will be very sadly missed.
Sorry to hear about "Piggy".
He certainly was a character.
You could always tell him on the end of a Morse Key.
He had this particular way of sending MGJ (the Faslane callsign) on 3319khz.
He could produce a "drawl" and "bend" the sound. It went ----..---
You could always tell when Onyx had surfaced!!!

Harry :cry:

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