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RR's Daily Quiz - a must for you all!

This is a good thing. Amazed at how much I don't actually know. I really like this quiz thing.


6/10 119 Seconds
silverfox said:
Brains AND big pants..... christmas and easter all come at once

Oooh you are sooo easily pleased!

But I would not want you to think I wear big pants as a matter of course, but only under my nos 1s on a chilly day to stop the chaffing! Normally they are on the smaller side! I would post a picture but I know how over excited you all get (stand fast Always!)
'Easily pleased' could be my epitaph. Picture would not be a good idea due to dangers of mass coronaries...

mind you I might change my view on that a few months into my next tour ;)
COCK RAFT! 9!!!!!!!!!! 9!!!!!!!!! Just because I cannot speak dago! Well thats total arse. I'm not having it do you hear me? I'm not having it and I refuse to accept that I am not in first place.
pants ...



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