RR's Daily Quiz - a must for you all!

Sorry folks, I assumed anyone playing Diamond Lil's quiz would know where to go
So, go to http://www.funtrivia.com/ and create an account. If you already play on Diamond Lil's you can use the same ID including password. Go to Teams, select Lil's Layabouts and enter code 12321 and you should be in.
Any problems after that are all your own
NB Is everyone having trouble with this site?
clanky said:
DickyB said:
How can anyone do the quiz in 25 seconds?
It takes me longer than that to read the questions and I aren't a slow reader :eek:
I'm limited by the time it takes me to scroll the questions down using the mousepad on my laptop. It would seem that a sharp mind and nimble fingers are required for this quiz.
clanky, I've got a laptop as well and the only way to get any speed is to invest in a mouse. I got a three button optical one for about 15 quid, made a big difference :w00t:


Lantern Swinger
Just had a go for the first time.

8/10 isnt bad.

Time was cr*p, but I did have to answer the phone half way through, cos Im at work!!

Too many American questions, IMHO.
I've been deployed, oh and BTW

Questions correct: 9 / 10
You took 43 seconds to complete this quiz.
Total score: 857

And it's gone secure again.
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