RR's Daily Quiz - a must for you all!

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Jenny_Dabber, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. I thought this would keep you occupied for all of 2 minutes a day!

    I have set up a daily quiz that will change from day to day. To enter, sign in or join up. I'm not so good at these, so lets see who is the leader out of you all!


    Charlie 601, crack on :wink:
  2. JD - brilliant! BZ
  3. Didn't realise I was on a timer.
  4. Nor did I. Still not sure what I was doing. I take it one is supposed to enter another word for the phrase in the grey button on the right hand side. Thus (giving the game away a bit, for today's one) it was Shout Out. I entered Yell. Was this correct or have I gone hopelessly wrong somewhere? :?
  5. 1. wompers + 1 pts 7 70 630

    had to post it as being a blond and a women this will be the one and only time I'll be top of the leader board!
  6. 6/10 for me , some hard questions in there , had to guess most of them , :lol:
  7. 8/10
    How is it I get less score than the guys who got 5, 6 and 7???

    I declare a fix :x

  8. More than likely done on the time each person takes to complete the quiz , I just tried to have another go , it would'nt let me until tomorrow , :roll:
  9. Nice one JD
    8/10 for me, mostly guesswork though :oops:
  10. yes but what score did you get??
  11. Clever shite got 721 , ah well never mind have another go tomorrow , :roll: :D
  12. my score was 845!! :lol:
  13. you're just showboating now !!! :wink:
  14. Yup! :D
  15. 6/10 Scored 436 - Back to the College of Knowledge!
  16. 10/10
    Score: 914

    I don't like to gloat, but.....
  17. only 5/10 for me today, dumbass that I am!!!! :oops:
  18. Rosina got me today.
    9/10, score:823, 77 secs

    Missed the first question. "To Kill a Mockingbird" was too long in the past for me.
  19. 9/10...820 points...80 secs 8O

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