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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Good CO, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. (I know the front page is knackered!)

    As regulars will have noticed we've updated the site design - and broken the front page.

    1) Thinner header with no banner ad in it. Reason: move content up the page.
    2) Large square banner gone from the top right and moved down the page. Reason: same more or less - to reduce advertising 'above the fold' and give more priority to content.
    3) Guests only: large welcome message and encouragement to register to remove two adverts that members don't see near the top of the page. Reason: encourage guests to register, replace some lost income through changes to what members see.
    4) Fixed width page. A necessity to make the changes work without a mass of work that we don't have the resources to do.
    5) Removal of underlined links replaced with prominent colour. Reason: cleaner, less ugly and easier to read.
    6) Removal of Leaderboard banner at footer of thread pages, replaced with square ad in post. Reason: more effective advertising (note the only change in advertising that is not a reduction (for members))
    7) Removal of lumpy VBulletin standard borders on blocks, shadows on blocks and gradients for a cleaner more modern look and faster page 'rendering' on slower machines and mobiles.
    8 Right column moved up: less wasted space and more prominence to right column content
    9 Introduction of advertising free theme for a minimal subscription fee. Not quite complete and will be discussed in a separate thread
    To do: Remove of right column when looking at gallery images. Reason: messy and pointless

    There are probably more.

    This was an unusually slow and considered process and has been done after a few weeks of testing on ARRSE.

    Bug reports appreciated.
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  2. Seriously, no comments, whinges or whines? It must be truly awful or are you all too busy watching the Olympics?

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  3. Well, now you've asked.

    Looks fine to me!:thumleft:
  4. Matelots moaning??
    What Navy were you in?
    We love everything and everyone. Except wrecker of course, but everyone has to draw the line somewhere.
  5. There goes that bloody kaffir bullying again. I bet you cheered the Senegalese on yesterday didn't you, bloody asylum seeker (and when they did put you in one, you friggin escaped, no pleasing some people :roll:)
  6. Yes thanks for the offer of a room wrecks, but I ain't that naive, we call them cells back home as well.
  7. Is this what is causing my ramblings to not go the full width of the page? I'm typing this in 'quick reply' and the words are filling the whole page but with the last two postings I've made the words only go half way across the page, almost like I've got the margins set close in.

    I'm delighted we've got our paragraphs back and the smileys but this is a new one. I haven't made any changes to my computer and it's only started happening today.

    Using Safari on a MacBook Pro. Any ideas?

    Edited to add: See, half page width.
  8. There is an ad in your post Pontius, covering half the page.
  9. ....and now that I've posted your ad has disappeared and your post is spread over the full width.
  10. Got my Zoom level set at 125% and it looks good to me

    now I just have to find a post by BOOTWU to see if his moniker still obscures the first half of the first line of his posts :cheese:
  11. Hi Stirling,

    Thanks for the info. I couldn't see an ad but that may be because I've got an ad-blocker doing its thing on my computer. My message above now looks normal and full width. I had noticed Rumrat's posting above mine was half-width but is now okay. I can guarantee that I didn't post any ads and my machine is virus free, so I don't know how to avoid this happening in future.

    Edited to add: no problems today with this posting. Curiouser and curiouser.
  12. Guys, the only people posting ads are us. We now put a big one in the first and last post of most threads although if you're a registered user then you lose the first one.

    All necessary to pay the bills and keep RR free I'm afraid. If you absolutely don't want to see any ads then you can install an ad blocker but we'd prefer you to look at our ad free subscription option instead. If that is too expensive for you then pse drop us a line pleading poverty and I'm sure we'll be able to do something for you!

    Hope that clarifies this

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  13. No prefer to look at the adverts, providing Mr Prescott hasn't posted before me. Don't want adverts for Thai Brides popping up when being overlooked by the misses
  14. Interestingly the ones I can currently see are inviting me to join the Royal Navy, supposedly it offers 'exciting prospects around the globe' ......
  15. As for me - it's all still the very same (i.e. no paragraphs, words stick together, no spaces, sometimes hot linking getsmessed up and that's why you constantly see the sad words - Last edited by.......etc) at the bottom of most posts.I shall prevail.
  16. Proving that you can't believe everything you read.
  17. It's probably a LOT to do with the DII nightmare-neolithic-you-cannot-do-this-unsupported-antique Sinclair ZX Spectrums
    that I have access to in the workplace. Probably lucky I can actually logon in the first place otherwise them-they Night
    shifts would be a right ball ache. Any help will be appreciated but beggars can't be choosers.

    Yours Aye,

  18. Did you try the settings that BCO posted about / I mentioned in my last post? If not I can do it for you. I think your problems might be solved by changing from the enhanced editor to one of the more basic options.
  19. I'll have a tinker with the settings tonight and ge back to you in August. Cheers.

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